Ready to shine

We’ve always been pioneers at Hallfield; the fact we’re the only prep school in Birmingham to offer Year 7 and 8 proves it.

It’s the reason so many of the top senior schools in the country love us, and who can blame them? Our children are sparky, clever and kind. We think that’s worth celebrating.

Why choose Hallfield Seniors?

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We fuel the academic fire in every belly. Our broad, balanced and brave curriculum ensures every child leaves us with the education they need to flourish in the modern world. Whether it’s coding, geology, engineering or algebra that gets your child going, we’ll provide the support and inspiration they need to shine brightly.



Happy children learn. If three words could sum up our ethos, it’s these. We care deeply about wellbeing, and every child knows they will be cared for and that their unique voice will be heard. But we know life isn’t always plain sailing, so our experienced staff are always on hand to provide expert support when things get tough.



Education shouldn’t just inspire the mind, but the heart too. Our enrichment programme sits side-by-side with our academic curriculum and aims to nurture leadership skills, resilience, independence, teamwork, entrepreneurship and social responsibility. When you meet our children, you’ll know it’s working.



Our children are the type to get stuck in and give everything a go. Whether they’ve got natural flair on the sports field or not, they’ll feel the thrill of competition regularly thanks to our busy calendar of competitive fixtures. Thanks to our small class sizes, everyone has the opportunity to compete and help steer Hallfield to sporting glory!



Bespoke curriculum

Small class sizes

Tailored pastoral care

Extensive enrichment opportunities

Leadership opportunities

Personalised guidance and support for 13+

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Dr Baldrighi

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Mr Samha

Hallfield Parents
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Mr and Mrs Brinsden

Hallfield Parents

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