Year 2 sample a tasty day in Prep!

On Tuesday we welcomed our Year 2 children to sample a day in the Prep Department. After registering as normal with their form teachers, they were brought into the Prep Hall for a very special assembly with Mr Morrow. After a team photo, the children were then taken to join our Year 3 teachers Miss Castleton, Miss Colley and Mr Somers for form time and a mini-tour.

At 10:00 am, the children enjoyed their second assembly of the morning: Good News Assembly with Mrs Kirby and Miss Florida-James. They were suitably impressed with the camaraderie as the week’s merit scores for the school’s four houses were announced!

At break time, the Year 5 play leaders were on hand to guide the children around the play equipment. The remainder of the morning was divided between the Science Lab, the Prep Library and a Year 3 classroom for a Spanish lesson. Dr Wilkinson, Head of STEM, wowed the children with a cool experiment which they observed wearing lab coats and goggles. After learning to sing a song in Spanish, accompanied by Mr Jones on guitar, the children had some quiet time in the Prep Library where Mrs Askew read a story to them.

After lunch, our Year 5 play leaders introduced the children to some games and activities before heading off to the form rooms to take part in a Design & Technology project.

At the end of a fun-packed day, the children returned to their Year 2 form rooms to receive a little goody bag along with a Thank You card from all the staff in the Prep Department. What a wonderful way to sample the experiences offered in Prep!