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Year 3’s Boundless Adventure

Year 3 embarked on an adventurous outdoor journey filled with excitement and learning opportunities. They eagerly participated in various activities such as problem-solving, orienteering, nightline, grass sledging, bushcraft, and archery. The children cherished moments of teamwork and pushing their boundaries!


19 April 2024


#School Trips



Year 3’s Boundless Adventure


Day 1

Year 3 explorers safely arrived and were ready for action! After a hearty meal, they dove into a day filled with problem-solving, orienteering, nightline, grass sledging, bushcraft, and Archery. After a delicious fish and chip dinner, they enjoyed more thrilling activities before winding down with bedtime stories. From mining to nightline, teamwork and bravery stole the show as they conquered challenges!

Day 2

Embracing the sunshine and soaring to new heights! On day 2 our Year 3 had a jam-packed day with thrilling activities, from conquering high ropes to zipping through the air. Huge thanks to the amazing Boundless staff for their unwavering commitment to safety and encouragement! Well done to our eco-conscious Year 3 pupils’ for tidying up after lunch – every little bit helps our planet!

Following a bustling day, everyone eagerly devoured a hearty pasta dinner, followed by another hour of laughter and excitement around the campfire, as well as orienteering. Later, in pyjamas, everyone gathered in the common room to reflect on the day’s highlights and amusing moments. All were pleasantly surprised by the challenges conquered and thoroughly enjoyed. Mr. Bedford praised the children for their resilience, exemplary behaviour, and kindness throughout the past few days. With content hearts, the children settled down quickly and drifted off to sleep peacefully.

Day 3


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