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Sports Roundup – Friday 15 March

Great teamwork through this windy week!


15 March 2024





Sports Roundup – Friday 15 March


U9 Blue Team vs Solihull, 0-1

The U9 girls enjoyed a closely fought game against Solihull on Tuesday. Although we got off to a wet start, the weather lifted as the match progressed. The girls rotated around a few positions on the court, increasing their knowledge of the game. There was lots of passing and some good use of the shoulder pass throughout. The game was end-to-end between the 2 teams and, although we had quite a few chances, we could not quite get the ball into the net. The end result was 1-0 to Solihull and Armaya was voted as the Girl of the Game for her dominant play as the Centre throughout.

U9 Green team

The girls played with increasing confidence in some difficult, blustery conditions. During the first quarter the girls worked hard to limit Solihull possession however, accurate shooting from the visitors saw them take an early lead. During the secod quarter the girls really stepped up their play, marking well and keeping possession of the ball. Unfortunately, we were not able to  convert our chances but limited Solihull to one more goal. After half time Solihull came back even stronger and as our girls began to tire the opposition took advantage and accurately added to the score. Although we didn’t manage to score on this windy day the girls all tried hard and competed to the final whistle.
Final score 15-0
Girl of the Game: Sumayyah

The U9 Red team

The girls played a nail-biting match on Tuesday against Solihull. Winning the toss, we chose to start with the ball and achieved the first goal of the game. Although the weather was wet and windy, the conditions lifted as the matches went on. Throughout the match, the ball was end to end on the court and the level of play from both sides was great. There were plenty of turnovers, dodging and chest passes throughout which led to a result of a 2-4 loss. Seeing the progression made by the girls as the season now comes to an end has been a pleasure to watch. Well done to Hannah who was voted Girl of the Game for her brilliant defending and strong intercepting skills.

U11 vs Norfolk House, 8-0

We put a mixed team out on Wednesday for our fixture with Norfolk House, however the girls blended together seamlessly. We started off in the first quarter with a 3-0 lead and dominating possession. We had a few extra missed attempts at goal with our shooters battling against the strong winds. Siona put in a strong performance in defence and prevented Norfolk House form ever reaching their shooting D. In the second and third quarters, we decided to really mix things up and play the girls out of their usual positions. This was a great learning experience for the girls where some of them found they were better in new positions then they thought they would be. It is testament to their skills and knowledge of netball that they could all work with new players, in new positions and still dominate the play and score a few more goals. In the final quarter, the girls really found their stride and pulled away from Norfolk House with Lamiya, Kathryn and Lucilla tallying up the goal total to 8 between them. A strong overall performance from the Hallfield U11s, very well done girls!

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