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Year 4 Performing Arts Showcase 2024

And that’s a wrap!👏 The Year 4 Performing Arts Showcase was a huge success, pupils have been hard at work to pull their ideas together and their commitment definitely paid off. Well done Year 4!


22 March 2024


#Performing Arts



Year 4 Performing Arts Showcase 2024


A performance to remember

The performing arts have always been a powerful way to express creativity, tell stories and bring people together. Recently, I had the pleasure of supporting a group of young people as they embarked on their first steps into performing. Here, I’d like to share my experience and reflect on the importance of supporting the performing arts in our communities.

Throughout the showcase, I was struck by the energy and creativity of the performers and the passion they expressed. It was an opportunity to develop skills; such as teamwork, communication and resilience. Every child had lines to say and was fully involved in their performances.
Having the opportunity to lead young performers into their first experience of theatre is such a privilege – one in which I take a lot of pride. But how can we continue to support these learners and develop these skills? Communication, problem solving and creativity are a few skills that graduate employers seek out and I cannot think of a better place to develop these than being part of a theatre program.

Access to theatre has been shown to develop improved social tolerance, better academic performance and a positive social change. Along with a boost to academic performance when drama is part of the curriculum (Dr Kirkham 2019).

The Year 4 performance was superb. Three stories were told, three dances performed and three songs were sung. It was a magical, transformational experience and one that will live long in the memories of parents and performers alike.

Singing, dancing and acting are all skills that will be useful for children hoping to take on larger roles in their Year 6 performance. These are all extra-curricular opportunities available to children that have enjoyed the process. Singing lessons and LAMDA lessons are also available by request from the front office.

Ultimately, the performing arts are a vital part of our culture and our humanity. They allow us to explore the depths of our emotions, connect with others, and imagine new possibilities. The Year 4 showcase was a reminder of just how powerful and transformative the performing arts can be – and why it’s so important that we continue to support them.

– Mr Woollhead, Head of Drama

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