Year 5

In Year 5, each of the three forms has a dedicated form tutor who is responsible for registration each day and is the first point of contact for academic and pastoral matters. Year 5 children continue to be encouraged to read regularly within a variety of genres and in both fiction and non-fiction. In addition, there are our weekly PSHE lessons with form groups.

The rest of your child’s lessons are delivered by subject specialists. At Hallfield, Year 5 is both a challenging and exciting year for the children, during which they grow, develop and mature into young adults ready for the demands of the 11+ and independent school examinations. To help them achieve this swiftly, we encourage them to take a more independent and mature approach towards both their learning and their day-to-day lives. The curriculum timetable, full of exciting lessons delivered by subject specialist teachers, allows the children to develop the skills and attributes necessary for success.

The majority of lessons are taught in the three mixed ability forms, ensuring that all pupils benefit from a rich, diverse and enriching curriculum. However, in some subjects there is a real need for a differentiated approach that recognises that each child has individual educational needs and relative areas of strength and weakness. Setting is therefore utilised in Maths to ensure that children are allowed the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

In Year 5, setting is less fluid than in previous years, and the material taught is that which is appropriate to the children’s ability within each class. This approach is designed to promote, at the most appropriate pace, natural ability, rather than achievement resulting from previous training. In Maths, children are set into four groups in accordance with their mathematical profile. In Year 5 this setting has produced two parallel top groups, together with two gentler paced smaller sets.

During our form periods and PSHE lessons, meanwhile, we take time to help the children improve their “soft” learning skills, discussing mindfulness, listening skills and revision techniques as well as bullying and cyberbullying avoidance techniques. We also play a range of strategy games that help with thinking skills and non-verbal reasoning to support the children during this pivotal year in their education.