Year 6

In Year 6, the children continue to be organised into three different form groups, each with its own form tutor and individual form room. Form tutors act as the first point of contact regarding any issues or concerns that a Year 6 child, or indeed parent, may experience.

At the start of each day, pupils meet with their Tutor in their designated classroom for the morning registration period, which takes place before Prep School Assembly. This is a chance for notices to be given and pastoral matters to be addressed. After lunch, each Year 6 form group reconvenes for a registration before afternoon lessons begin, and each day at Hallfield ends with a final ten-minute Form Period.

In addition, our twice-weekly PSHE sessions provide a further opportunity for the form to meet together, along with their Tutor, and each year group follows their own scheme of work which is specifically designed to support and challenge the children’s particular stage of personal development.

Our focus on pastoral welfare is crucial, especially in Year 6. From September to July, children at Hallfield will experience all manner of challenges, both academically and personally. During lessons throughout the first half of the year, we concentrate on preparing the pupils for the demands of the 11+ and Independent School examinations. As the eldest children in the school, the pupils enjoy increased freedom and many privileges which help to prepare them for secondary school life. Year 6 children must continue to conduct themselves maturely, to work hard and to support one another through this often-stressful time.

Academic pressures aside, Year 6 children have the chance to become House, Games or Music Captains, and they are all expected to behave as excellent role models for the younger pupils. Each child is given the opportunity to become a Monitor and, over the course of the year, will perform all manner of duties around the school site, from filling the role of homework monitor to assisting in our Pre-Prep School.

The second half of the academic year is a celebratory time in Year 6, full of wonderful opportunities to make lasting memories. In the summer months, the children have the chance to take part in First Aid training and visit the SafeSide centre which prepares them for life beyond Hallfield.

All Year 6 pupils are given the chance to involve themselves in the much-anticipated Year 6 Play, and to attend the week-long Outdoor Pursuits residential trip in the picturesque Lake District. At the very end of the year, we say our goodbyes to the Year 6 children and parents through a series of very special Leavers’ events and presentation assemblies.