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Year 5 pupil’s artwork gains international recognition in prestigious art competitions

Year 5 pupil, Zichen, has gained international recognition for his artistic talents. His painting “Panda” was entered into the ENDANGERED Fine Art & Photography Contest in the USA. With over 500 entries his work has been selected to exhibit in their Young Artist Gallery from 16 – 30 November 2021.


3 November 2021


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Year 5 pupil’s artwork gains international recognition in prestigious art competitions


“Panda” by Zichen, Year 5

ENDANGERED is a contest ran by Art4Apes, a team of art and photography lovers that organise exhibitions, contests and other events with a focus on the environment and everything that is endangered. Art4Apes believe that providing a platform for young artists to express their concerns for their planet through art, brings key issues into focus and supports in safeguarding our world for the future.

Art4Apes supports Center for Great Apes whose mission is to provide permanent sanctuary for orangutans and chimpanzees who have been rescued or retired from the entertainment industry, research or are no longer wanted as pets. The entry fees from this contest will help fund the costs of rescuing 8 chimpanzees in dire circumstances following the financial collapse of the Wildlife Waystation outside Los Angeles.

“Autumn” by Zichen, Year 5

Zichen was just 8 years old when he entered “Autumn” into the 21st Kanagawa Biennial World Children’s Art Exhibition in Japan. The contest is intended to foster, through painting, “the dreams and creativity of young children who will go on to become the leaders of tomorrow” and provides a platform to enhance our understanding of the world’s diverse cultures and lifestyles through the children’s artwork.

Zichen was the only entrant from the UK to have been selected for the exhibition.

Mr Dewhirst who was Zichen’s former teacher noticed his artistic talent during the pandemic:

“I first noticed Zichen’s talent when I became his teacher in January. This was during lockdown and we decided to have a show and tell on zoom every afternoon. It was the greatest show and tell ever! Dogs, cats and whole house tours! As a class we were also able to glimpse some of the wonderful art work that Zichen was producing. This continued when we returned to the classroom later in the term. Zichen and I had many conversations about where his art talent could take him including being the illustrator of my own children’s stories! Zichen also painted a tree as part of my reading corner in our classroom. I always look forward to seeing his work. Well done Zichen.”

Zichen’s father commented:

“My wife and I are so proud of him and also thanks to all his teachers who always encourage and inspire him on his way to becoming a young artist.

Especially a big thank you to Mr Dewhirst, he helped Zichen a lot last year. He not only rebuilt Zichen’s confidence but also helped Zichen understand the importance of art to his future.”

Everyone at Hallfield are incredibly proud of Zichen and are excited about his future as an artist.


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