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Tea-Time Concerts return to Hallfield

Last night we had the first of our Tea-Time Concerts since the start of the pandemic. The Tea-Time Concert is often where children make their musical debut in front of an audience. Parents are invited to watch and see how much their child’s musical skills, whether instrumental or vocal, have developed and to celebrate their hard work.


20 October 2021


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Tea-Time Concerts return to Hallfield


All the children did incredibly well and you could see how much they practiced during lockdown to hone their musical skills.

At Hallfield children begin their music journey in Foundation (aged 3) as part of HallfieldFirst with a 30-minute lesson each week with a specialist music teacher. Here they get to explore sounds using their voices musically and experience music making in an ensemble context. Music lessons continue throughout their curriculum until the end of Year 8 (aged 13).

In Year 3 (aged 7) every child is given the opportunity to learn an instrument. Throughout the year every pupil receives a free weekly music lesson with a specialist teacher on an instrument of their choice. After Year 3 many children establish a passion for a particular instrument and continue to play for the duration of their time at Hallfield.

Tea-Time concerts, assemblies and church services are just some of the opportunities throughout the year that children get to perform to an audience.

We also have 9 ensembles and choirs currently running for children to take part in:

  • Chamber Choir (Years 5-8 by invitation)
  • Hallfield Orchestra (Years 5-8 by invitation)
  • Hallfield Choir (Years 5-8)
  • Centenary Choir (Years 3-4)
  • Brass Band (Years 3 – 8)
  • String Ensemble (Years 3 – 8)
  • Wind Band (Years 3 – 8)
  • Guitar Ensemble (Years 3 – 8)
  • Pre-Prep Choir (Year 1 – 2)

Our next Tea-Time Concert will take place 27 January, 4:15 – 5:00. Children are invited to perform by our Director of Music Mr Jopling.

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