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Sports Roundup – Friday 4 March


4 March 2022





Sports Roundup – Friday 4 March



In a busy week on the Rugby field, the boys showed that they had improved since playing West House before half term. The U10Bs won having lost previously – a great achievement, well done. The U9s had a nail-biting finish with a 5 all draw! The U11A played some fine Tag rugby against Wolverhampton and won comfortably against a slightly under-strength team. On Thursday the U8As were losing at halftime but managed to improve their defence in the second half to win 11 – 8.

U10 A v West House  Lost   11 – 5

U10 B v West House  Won 10 – 6

U9 A v West House    Drew    5 – 5

U9 B v West House    Won   12 – 6

U11 A v Wolverhampton  Won  6 – 4

U11 B v Wolverhampton  Drew 9 – 9

U8 A  v West House    Won 11 – 8

U8 B v West House     Lost 7 – 6


U10A vs Eversfield B 28.02.22

On Monday the U10A team played an away fixture against Eversfield. After a toss up to decide who received first centre pass we quickly got on side ready to start the match with Eversfield starting with the ball. However, straight off the bat Hallfield was able to quickly make a superb interception and gain possession of the ball. This was all down to the great teamwork of Amelia and Sophia. The ball was swiftly passed up to our attacking third and into the circle where Jasmine our C passed a beautiful ball into Amera who scored our first goal of the game. Another two goals were scored within the first quarter just before the whistle was blown. Going into the second quarter the girls had three goals under their belt which boosted their confidence and really showed in their game play. Our GS Hiba, worked continuously against a particularly tough opponent but managed to beautifully dodge the GK and receive the ball straight under the post. This put the score to 4-0 just before the half time whistle blew. We managed to score another goal in the third quarter however this was our toughest quarter yet with the opposition rapidly passing player to player and coming back strong with their first two goals of the game. Our GK Sumayyah worked tirelessly to prevent as many of their attempts to shoot as possible. Moving into our final quarter and the opposition still playing a strong game, our defensive team were playing exceptionally well keeping the ball out the circle and Akshara (GD) moving into some great spaces to stay free and receive the ball to then pass up to Nikki our WA who accurately passes the ball into the circle for our final goal of the game. This was a great way to the finish the game. Hallfield came out victorious winning with a score of 6-2. Well done to Amera who was voted girl of the game by Eversfield. Excellent play girls, well done!


U10B vs Eversfield B 28.02.22

The girls had a close match at Eversfield on Monday. The sides were evenly matched for the first half of the game with Eversfield getting 1 goal across the 2 quarters. Although we had a few attempts at goal, we were unfortunate not to score. The game continued with Eversfield scoring once more in the third quarter and twice in the final quarter. Although we did not win, it was clear how much the girls had developed in their netball over the term. There spacing and passing was much better and they were much more confident on the ball. Congratulations to Sophie who was voted Girl of the Game.


U9 Netball vs Eversfield 01.03.2022

It was a very exciting game for the girls against Eversfield on Tuesday. Eversfield won the toss and started with the ball. Our defence of Sahiba, Anshi and Kathryn worked hard and quickly overturned the possession. We’ve moved quickly through Olivia and Lucilla in centre court and down to Annie and Hayat in the D. Hayat scored in the first quarter. The other 3 quarters saw Eversfield with some possession but not many attempts at goal. Amelia showed some great defending and Mia was always in a great space, both playing on the wings. Zia stepped in at the last minute for the game to help us in attack. She was quick on court and great at receiving passes into the D. Although we had several more attempts at goal, unfortunately no more went in for us but we could have ended up with a very high score! Well played to all the girls, this was the first netball match for some of them. A special congratulations to Olivia who was voted the Girl of the Game.


U8A vs Solihull A 3.3.22

The U8A girls had a thrilling debut away against Solihull on Thursday. We won the toss so started with the ball. The girls worked together in attack, utilising Eve, Daya, Freya and Sianna really well and it wasn’t long before Freya scored our first goal! In the second and third quarters, it was a bit more end to end but our defensive team of Aila, Yueqi and Jeeya kept overturning possession and prevented Solihull from entering the D. In the final quarter, Freya scored again, bringing the total to 2-0. In the final minute, Solihull managed to score a goal but it was not enough to beat our girls. Congratulations to all the girls in their first match. A big well done to Sianna and Eve who were voted Girls of the Game.


U8B vs Solihull B 3.3.22

The U8B team had an exciting first away game at Solihull. Solihull won the toss and started with the ball. We started off strongly with Layla, Safron and Reet working well together in attack. Sophie worked relentlessly as the centre, up and down the court. Both teams were yet to score. Solihull tried to come back at us but our defensive team of Aisha, Nicole, Aman and Siyana prevented any attempts at goal. The game was end to end after this, with both teams struggling to get the ball into the D. The final result was 0-0; a very even game! A very big well done to everyone who played!


U10 A v Eversfield   Won 6 – 2

U10 B v Eversfield   Lost   4 – 0

U9s  v Eversfield      Won   1 – 0

U8 A v Solihull       Won   2 – 1

U8 B v Solihull      Draw   0 – 0

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