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Sports Roundup – Friday 24 May

Fantastic results this week!


24 May 2024





Sports Roundup – Friday 24 May


U10A vs Solihull

The U10A girls enjoyed their first match of the season, and the sun came out to support us. We lost the toss and Solihull chose to field first. We put in a good batting performance. With encouragement, the girls managed to go for a few singles and Nicole hit a four. Aman and Aisha made a good pairing, making safe decisions and lots of runs between them. There was a catch and a run-out but we played well.

It was then our turn to field. The girls covered the boundaries well and limited Solihull’s scoring opportunities, especially Daya who was fielding close to the wicket and quickly stopping the ball’s progress. The girls bowled really well not giving away many no balls or wides. Reet’s bowling was so fast the opposition struggled to hit a single ball, and Sylvie and Mia ensured their balls were accurate as not to give away any points. In the last over, Hallfield were winning by 1 run so knew they must stop Solihull from scoring. Although the girls did an excellent job of fielding and very nearly got a wicket, a wide ball gave away 2 runs, the final result being a loss by 1 run.

It was an exciting game with lots of good play. Sylvie was voted as batter of the game and Mia was voted as bowler of the game. Super play from all, well done!

U10B Cricket v Solihull

The girls played their first match away at Solihull on a beautiful sunny afternoon. We won the toss and elected to field first. All girls worked hard to get good line with their bowling and there was accurate fielding of the ball. Siyanna backed up well and Mariia, Eesha and Mishaal showed good concentration out in the field. Summer took a wicket with a great straight ball and we were able to limit Solihull to 51 runs.

During our batting the girls made some good contact with the ball but needed to be a bit more vocal and decisive when deciding whether to run. Summer scored a boundary and Iyla and Aya hit the ball well. It was a close contest, especially towards the end when Solihull took two quick wickets. The game  went down to the very last ball  which we managed to defend well. Final score Solihull 61 Hallfield 62. A great game, well done girls!

Batter of the game was Aya and Fielder Iyla.

Yellow Team U8 vs Solihull

The U8 yellow team made a brilliant start to their cricket season with their first cricket match against Solihull on Thursday. Although it was rather cold and windy, that did not dampen the spirits of the girls. The yellow team played a variation of cricket by playing a continuous match which gave them multiple chances to make some big hits and practise their fielding skills. During their fielding time, the yellow team made some brilliant stops and were able to practise their over and underarm throwing in a more competitive scenario. When it was time for them to bat, all the girls were able to make contact with the ball and make a run with some even hitting the ball far enough that in the future will score some excellent boundaries. A massive well done to all the girls, you played brilliantly in your first cricket match.


U8 Green team

The U8 Green team had their first match of the season at home to Solihull. The girls played a game of continuous cricket which meant lots of running, batting and fielding. We won the toss and elected to field first. The girls showed some good throwing and catching skills whilst also beginning to back each other up. When batting there was lots of good contacting of the ball and quick running between the wickets. The girls played three innings of 20 balls and the improvement in skills throughout the match was evident. An enjoyable afternoon was had by all. At the conclusion of the match Solihull selected Amal as the batter of the game and Aya as the fielder.

Well done to all the girls for some super cricket.

U8 Red Team vs Solihull, 85-46 Win

The U8 girls had their first cricket match on Thursday as rain stopped play for some of them last week. Although it was a rather chilly and overcast afternoon, it did not dampen our Hallfield spirit! We won the toss and chose to field first. Haniya and Amaya were our first pair up to bowl. They put in an excellent performance, not allowing Solihull to score any runs and taking a wicket each; Haniya with a run out and Amaya bowled. All the girls remained alert in the field and prevented the opposition from scoring any boundaries. We stopped hit balls quickly and threw accurately back to the stumps. Due to our quick actions, we managed to take a further 2 wickets as run outs during Millie and Florence’s first balls respectively.

It was then our turn to bat. Although Solihull’s bowling was not quite as accurate as our own, the girls took advantage of the balls they could hit. Amaya hit a 4, and there were great partnerships between Vithika and Millie, Amber and Midian, and Florence and Anna, all of whom made additional single runs to add to our score wherever possible. The final result was an 85-46 win for Hallfield. Very well played girls and I’m looking forward to your next game!

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