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Sports Roundup – Friday 24 June


24 June 2022




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Sports Roundup – Friday 24 June



U10 A v Solihull

A closely contested match with both sides putting in a strong bowling and fielding performance, Hallfield just edging it 40 to 35 in terms of wickets taken. Star performers were Josh with three wickets and two superb catches, Zain with two wickets and one each for Aashrith, Max and Noah. A few wayward deliveries gave Solihull some free runs to add to their score. The main difference between the teams was the more aggressive hitting from Solihull who picked up 110 runs as opposed to our 75, showing they are a strong team with some club and county players. Hallfield persevered and showed concentration when batting against some quick and accurate bowlers, unfortunately, we couldn’t quite get enough runs in the end but well done for a good team performance in the first match this year.


U10 B and C

The Solihull teams were a bit too strong for our teams and we lacked the ability to hit the bad ball for a boundary.  It was an enjoyable afternoon, in great weather and the boys tried their best and conducted themselves in the right spirit.

U10 A, B and C vs Solihull A, B and C

All the U10 girls went for a cricket match against Solihull on Monday this week. This was the first-ever cricket match for some of the girls but they all rose to the challenge well. We played 3 tight matches where the result could have gone either way. We saw some excellent decisions for runs from Hallfield and some precision bowling. Solihull were a little more daring with their decisions to make runs than us, which ultimately made the difference. There was a fantastic batting performance from the Hallfield girls in general with the majority hitting 4s. Special mentions to Diah, Aleena, Jasmine, Sophia A, Nikki and Sofia T for bowling the opposition out. Sumayyah, Diah, Safeya and Sofia T were voted as girls of the games in their respective matches. Well played girls!


Final scores:

Hallfield A: 84 – 116 loss

Hallfield B: 82 – 88 loss

Hallfield C: 84 – 100 loss


U9 v Solihull

Solihull didn’t make it because of traffic so we had an internal match between the U9 As and Bs. I was extremely pleased with their on-field encouragement and support. They listened well, developed their batting and bowling skills and had a lot of fun. Congratulations to Marcus who got a hat-trick of wickets.

U9A vs Eversfield A

72-117 Win

The U9s girls enjoyed a thrilling match against Eversfield on Tuesday. We won the toss and chose to field first. I was so proud of the girls’ bowling; it demonstrated good technique and lots of power. We fielded well and prevented Eversfield from scoring any boundaries. The girls got Eversfield out 3 times with bowling by Hayat, Anshi and Zia. It was then our turn to bat and we were chasing 72 runs. There was an excellent movement to hit the ball and some good decisions were made in partnerships. We found the boundary a few times with some powerful shots by Olivia and Zia scoring 4s and Annie scoring a 6. The final score was 117-72 to Hallfield! Annie was voted as Girl of the Game for her excellent batting skills. Well done to all the girls!


U11 A v West House

West House chose to bat and their openers got off to a flying start and getting to 50 in the first 5 overs. Hallfield bowlers improved their line and length but bad balls were punished and West House ended up with 133 for 7 off their 20 overs. In response, Rohan and Dylan both batted well reaching 17 and 16 respectively. However, we were always behind the run rate and their total was just too much. Hallfield ended up on 85 for 6.


U11 B, C and D

All the 3 teams tried hard against slightly better opposition. For all of them, it was an opportunity to play and learn more about the game. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves from the amount of noise that was coming from the pitches!

U11 Cricket vs Wolverhampton Grammar

The U11 girls enjoyed a highly-skilled match against Wolverhampton on Wednesday. We won the toss and chose to field first. The girl’s bowling was incredible only giving away a few wide and no balls. There was some great precise bowling from Riya! In addition to this, our fielding was strong especially on the boundaries with Freya limiting the number of 4’s the other team scored. The girls got Wolverhampton out 3 times with bowling by Isha, Gursimar and Anisa. It was then our turn to bat and we were chasing a score of 248. There was excellent movement to hit the ball and some great decision-making and partnerships whilst remaining calm and composed. We found the boundary a few times with some powerful shots by Elizabeth, Gursimar, Sarah, Anisa and Ria scoring 4s and Anisa also scoring a 6. There were also some great calls to run when batting from Kara which helped increase our score. It was a very close match and it depended on the last over. With our team on 242, our outcome was down to the partnership of Layla and Ria. From this, we managed to score 6 more runs to secure a draw! Ria was voted as Girl of the Game for her excellent batting skills.

As this was their last game representing Hallfield, I would like to mention how much of a pleasure it has been coaching you all these last few years. Wishing all Year 6 the best of luck for their future sporting successes! Well played Girls!


U8 A v Solihull

Solihull made it for the U8s and the sun shone! A triumphant match was made all the better by their desire not to lose a wicket. Unfortunately, they did lose one, but it was only one! There was some fine batting from Preet, Anay, Sami and Cai. Dylan, Aarav, Rayyan and Arjan contributed with some consistent bowling. I was very impressed with their attitude and desire in the field. We scored over 300 to their 230. Well done!

U8 B v Solihull

Solihull chose to field first and from the start, Hallfield were keen to hit the ball to the boundary. Everyone chipped in with good scores with a particular mention to Vardhan and Max who both hit the ball very hard for numerous boundaries to top score on 17 runs. We only lost one wicket in reaching 88runs which, like the A-team, was fantastic batting. In reply, the Hallfield bowlers bowled well and restricted Solihull to 62 runs. Well done on a fine victory!

Staff vs Parents

On Thursday 16th June Hallfield school hosted the annual Staff vs. Parents cricket match. We had a great turnout not only with parent participators but also spectators coming to watch and support. The staff started fielding with Mr Moffat opening up the bowling and Mr Butcher as the wicket-keeper. Throughout the 20 overs, we managed to protect the boundary as much as possible although this became hard with some great shots hit by the parents. The score at the end of the innings was 145 leaving Hallfield staff with 146 for the win. Before the staff innings, everyone enjoyed a great BBQ feast prepared by our wonderful catering team with some cooling refreshments.

Opening the batting in the second innings were Mr Butcher and Mr Dewhirst who worked as an excellent pair scoring multiple 4’s and 6’s! A special mention to Mr Lowe for his excellent batting ability to find the boundary with ease (#BenStokes would’ve been proud)! Moving into the 16th over, Mr Wordsworth finished the game with a great shot finding the boundary and giving the staff the final 4 runs needed for the win! A brilliant match played by both teams with some great sportsmanship and teamwork. Well played parents, you certainly gave us a challenge! Same again next year everyone?

Monday 20th June

U10A vs. Eversfield A

63-71 loss

On Monday 20th June the U10A team played against Eversfield. We won the toss and chose to field first. Amera opened the innings with her first bowl taking a wicket. Eversfield batted strongly with some big hits however this was no match for our fielding skills with Sophie and Nikki staying wide and protecting the boundary. Sophia put up some excellent bowls limiting Eversfield to only 2 runs the entire over! We had some great wicketkeeping from Rayna and Hiba who used their quick reflexes to stop any sneaky hits from the batters. At the end of the innings, Eversfield were on a score of 71 runs leaving us chasing 72 for the win. In the second innings, the girls managed to find the boundary a few times with some powerful hits from Sophie and Nikki who scored a 4 each and Jasmine and Akshara who scored two 4s each. This was a highly skilled match with both teams putting up a great performance. The score at the end was 71-63 with Hallfield narrowly missing out by 8 runs! Congratulations to Sophia on her nomination of player of the match for her bowling and Sophie for her batting. Well played girls, an excellent end to the season!


U10B vs Eversfield B

82-77 win.

It was an exciting match for the U10B team against Eversfield on Monday. We won the toss and chose to field first. Our girls are still working on the accuracy of their bowling but I was pleased to see their technique and power improving. We fielded well and prevented Eversfield from scoring many runs. We finished the innings with Eversfield scoring 72. It was then our turn to bat and our girls played their hearts out. We had excellent teamwork and calls to run, great movement to hit the ball, and a 4 hit. We were bowled out once which added an additional 5 runs to Eversfield’s score. It all came down to the final over and we were tied with Everfield with 2 balls to go. We finished with a few more runs to end up on 82. Girls of the Game were Sumayyah for her batting and Amelia for her bowling. A great match to finish the season on, well-done girls!

Tuesday 21st June

U11A Cricket vs Radcliffe College

On Tuesday the U11A squad travelled to Radcliffe College to play in an IAPS soft ball cricket tournament. The first match was against Solihull who had some big hitters and managed a total of 118 runs in 15 overs. In reply, Kai and Zain hit a few boundaries but it was not enough and we ended up reaching 112 runs but had to take off 45 runs for 9 wickets.

The second game was against Ratcliffe College and we batted first and dispatched any bad ball to the boundary. After the 15 overs, we had made 123 runs. In reply, we bowled accurately and picked up 15 wickets, with Hafsa getting 3 in one over and Ratcliffe not getting near our total.

In the last game against Wolverhampton Grammar School, we batted first and managed to score 91 runs, but lost 10 wickets so the total to chase was only 41 which they managed quite easily.

Well done to everyone who played on a very hot day!

U9 Cricket vs Wolverhampton Grammar

65-65 draw

It was a super match against Wolverhampton Grammar on Tuesday for the U9 girls. We won the toss and chose to field first. There was some strong bowling by the girls, with Zia, Ellen, Dhiya and Olivia all bowling accurate overs. We prevented Wolverhampton from scoring many runs with our tight fielding work and they finished their innings having scored 45 runs. It was then Hallfield’s turn to bat. Annie put in an outstanding performance, scoring a hat trick of 4s, as well as making single runs. Anshi made some great calls with Olivia to sneak in a few extra runs during their overs and bump up our score. Lucilla and Humaira were the final pair into bat. They put in a strong performance and scored some great runs, enabling Hallfield to finish on 65 runs. Unfortunately, Wolverhampton got us out 4 times, including running us out on the final ball of the game! These 4 wickets boosted their score by 20 points to make the final score a 65-65 draw. Annie was voted as Girl of the Game for her outstanding batting performance. Well done to all the girls who played, your cricket has improved so much this term and I can’t wait to see what the next few years will have in store for you.


Year 2 Cricket Match

After school, on a pleasant Thursday evening, 2 teams of Year 2 children played a game of cricket against each other. Each pair batted for 4 overs, meaning each team batted for 12 overs. The Panthers batted first, and Giaan hit several boundaries to get them off to a flying start. This was then added to by the rest of the team with Kyran coming in at the end and giving the ball a blast!

In reply, the Tigers batted well with George, Ehren and Ali hitting a few boundaries each. But, they lost a few more wickets, which meant -5 runs per wicket and so fell short of the Tiger’s score.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the game, parents and children alike. It was great to see the children putting into practice what they have been taught. Well done!

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