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Sports Roundup – Friday 23 June


23 June 2023





Sports Roundup – Friday 23 June


U9 Mixed Boys and Girls vs Oasis Woodview, 20.06.23

The U9 children enjoyed some mixed cricket matches against Oasis Woodview on Tuesday. The children in the Yellow and Blue teams played games of continuous cricket. Hallfield showed some great batting skills with lots of children making good contact with the ball. They made many runs! When fielding, Hallfield stopped the ball well and made fast throws back to the bowler. We were unlucky with a couple of catches but will keep working on this skill.

The children in the Red and Green teams played pairs cricket. Hallfield were stronger than Oasis Woodview, especially with our bowling. We fielded well and prevented Oasis Woodview from scoring too many. When batting, lots of children made good contact with the ball. There were many runs made and even some boundaries. Most importantly, the children all had an enjoyable time with lots of good cricketing skills on display. Well done everyone!


U11 Hallfield Falcons vs Solihull, 21.06.23, 76-97 loss

The girls in the Falcons team had a thrilling game against Solihull on Wednesday in the glorious sunshine. Hallfield won the toss and chose to field first. There was lots of accurate bowling from the girls and Sophia bowled someone out. There were some very close misses from other girls in the team too. Hallfield guarded our boundaries well and prevented Solihull from scoring anything but single runs on most occasions. Whilst fielding, Sophie and Alayna took a wicket each, and Amera and Hiba both took catches. Jasmine was consistent with her bowling and protected the boundary well.

It was then time for Hallfield to bat. Solihull were very fast bowlers which made it difficult for our Hallfield Falcons to make contact with them. Despite this, the girls played valiantly. Nikki managed to hit a ball for 4 and one for 6, and Hiba scored a 4. Rayna and Sophia made a great batting pair, both of the girls managed to hit most of the balls and scored a lot of single runs. Solihull managed to run us out twice and made two catches. The final score was 76-97 to Solihull – a very close game! Rayna was voted as the best batter of the game and Sophie was voted as the best bowler.

Very well played girls, well done!


U11 Hallfield Hawks vs Solihull, 21.06.23, 154-163 loss

The Hallfield Hawks played a very even match against Solihull on Wednesday. The girls showed how much they had learnt this term and put some great skills on show. They fielded well and tried to protect the boundary. Amberley was fantastic in the field and managed to run out a player and make a catch; she was voted as the best bowler of the game. The girls batted well and made some good decisions with their partners. Sofia was voted as the best batter of the game for her great shots. Well done to all the girls who played, I hope you continue to enjoy cricket as you move on to your next schools!


U11 Hallfield Eagles vs Solihull, 21.06.23, 64- 90 loss

A great game of cricket with two enthusiastic teams facing each other. Solihull won the toss and elected to bowl first. Hallfield worked hard to gain runs but found playing on grass for the first time very different to the Astro. Good partnerships saw the total tick, the girls ran well between the wickets and set a solid total. A good start to the bowling was made by Angie and Arissa who bowled excellent line and length. The girls continued to pressurise Solihull with good fielding from Maryam, Sumayyah and Japmeh. This coupled with further accurate bowling from Diah, Akshara, Aleena and Samantha set up a tight finish. Both teams played well but Solihull took more wickets which was the difference on the day. Angie was voted best batter and Samantha best bowler.

Well done girls a great last game!

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