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Making memories – Year 4’s trip to Cranedale

This week Year 4 embarked on an exciting journey to Yorkshire where they enjoyed a 3-night stay in Cranedale.


14 June 2024


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Making memories – Year 4’s trip to Cranedale


Day 1

It was an early start with the coach setting off at 7:00am. Lots of fun was had on the road trip north, with renditions of ‘we love cheese’ and ‘Yorkshire Yorkshire’. Various DVDs were enjoyed and the journey went remarkably quick.

On arrival, the children unpacked their suitcases and enjoyed a packed lunch in the sun. In the afternoon there were various team building exercises including low ropes, minefield and gutter pipe challenge. The staff could not be prouder of the pupils’ attitude and efforts.

In the evening, the children enjoyed a scrumptious 3-course meal, participated in eco and geography challenges, tennis in pyjamas, hot chocolate and certificates for excellent participation and attitude.

Day 2

The year was split into two groups to enjoy the same two, different field trips across the two days.

The river first-hand fieldwork studies cemented their geography learning back at Hallfield, culminating in a brilliant boat race, constructed from foraged natural materials. On the way back to the Centre, the children stopped for a delicious ice cream in the stunning village of Thornton Le Dale.

The second half of the travelling Year 4’s headed to Bempton Cliffs who also had first-hand fieldwork studies on the coast including; stumps, stacks, erosion, deposition, bird’s eggs, telescopes and more!  Bird spotters were so impressed at how the children embraced their surroundings and showed enthusiasm for bird spotting that they let them use their telescopes for puffin spotting.

At Flamborough Head the sun popped out and the children studied features of the coastline. They had great fun rock pooling, catching crabs and fish, which they put back.

The evening was remembered for birthday celebrations and camaraderie.

At the end of the day the teachers reflected on how proud they were of the children and the comments they received about their behaviour at Bempton Cliffs, Flamborough Head and Dalby Forest.

Day 3

On day 3 in Dalby Forest the pupils measured the width, depth, sediment and velocity of the river. The children enjoyed collecting their data in Dove Dale Griff. They loved completing their fieldwork, which they began in the classroom at Hallfield.

Discussions on erosion, deposition, meanders, river cliffs, river beaches and oxbow lakes were enjoyed!

Group B travelled to Bempton Cliffs and were lucky enough to see not one, not two but FIVE puffins! The children were amazed at how many gannets there were! They then travelled to Flamborough Head where they were extremely lucky to see a seal on the beach.

The day was brilliant and involved birdwatching and rock pooling; catching glimpses of brilliant wildlife and learning all about different food chains, with our Y4 ‘crab whisperer’ finding and catching numerous different crabs for us all to look at!

Later in the day children made models of wildlife and incorporated them into a stock motion video which they created in groups.

The trip coincided with National Festival of Field Work month!

Lots of fun, laughter and lasting memories were made! Well done Year 4!

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