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Keeping Children Safe in the Car – Top Tips for Car Safety

At Hallfield the safety of our children is our number one priority. Here are some top tips for safe car practices.


11 March 2022


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Keeping Children Safe in the Car – Top Tips for Car Safety


Fit and use child restraints, always

  • Always use a modern baby or child seat suitable for your child’s size and weight. Buy one with the United Nations E mark or BS Kitemark and never use one that is second-hand.
  • Rear-facing seats are safer for babies. Do not move them up to their next child seat until they are too tall or heavy for their rear-facing baby seat.
  • Keep using a child seat appropriate for your child’s size until they’re 150cm tall, even if your child complains they are “too old” to have one. Help your child to understand that their seat is special – it helps keep them safe.
  • On every journey, always check that all children in your car are correctly restrained before setting off. Ensure your child understands the importance of not fiddling with their straps or undoing them during the journey.

Slow down and concentrate

  • Always drive slowly – 20mph or below in communities, 10mph on our car park.
  • Turn your glove box into a phone box. Switch your phone off and put it away.
  • If your phone has a ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ option, make sure you have this turned on.
  • Ask a child in your car to be your police officer. Tell them they should speak up for safety if they think you are driving too fast or you are tempted to take a call.


Don’t drive children all the way to school

  • Try to walk to school where possible, this helps to reduce congestion on the carpark, reducing risk. If walking, always use designated paths and Stop, Look, Listen.
  • When driving, try to find a way to park safely some distance from the school and walk the rest of the way. This keeps traffic away from the school gates and crossing places that children routinely use.
  • We offer both a walking bus and school bus service, with great incentives for your child. This not only takes away the stress of driving in the morning but is a much greener way of getting to school. More details of our walking bus and school bus initiatives can be found here.


  • Never hold a child in your arms in a vehicle.
  • Never use one adult seat belt to restrain both you and a child.
  • Never use one seat belt to restrain more than one person.
  • Never carry someone else’s child in your vehicle if you do not have a child restraint appropriate for their size and weight.
  • Never allow someone to travel unrestrained.
    Never leave children alone in vehicles.

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