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It was a jam-packed residential for Year 5 to Ullswater

On Monday morning Year 5 pupils set off on their residential trip to Ullswater. The children were full of excitement on the coach, enjoying the journey and were amazed by the stunning setting of the centre as they arrived at the accommodation.


17 June 2022


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It was a jam-packed residential for Year 5 to Ullswater


There were lots of happy faces and excited chatter over lunch, after which the children were split into their groups and introduced to the instructors. Within minutes each group was working independently, responsible for kit management, catering management and personal organisation. The children thrived off this and bonded very well with their instructors.

After a tour, some team-building tasks and dinner, the children went for a dip in Ullswater. Already many personal challenges were being conquered and memories being forged. The most impressive thing that came out of the evening activity was how the children started supporting each other and becoming real teams. After a hot chocolate, the children went off to bed to get ready for a busy first full day!


After a hearty breakfast and room inspection, the children met their instructors to kit up for the various activities each group had to look forward to. It was a big day for all of the children with hills conquered, miles canoed, tunnels navigated and gorges walked. Many life skills were built in through teamwork and empathy and the individual responsibilities each of the children are entrusted with.

A good dinner was enjoyed to refuel and recover before the children ventured off to the evening activities of roasting marshmallows over a campfire and a dusky dip in the lake. The children went to bed tired and proud of their achievements with another exciting day in the great outdoors planned for Wednesday.


The children spent Wednesday exploring far, wide, high and low! Having had a good night’s sleep and a nourishing breakfast, the five groups split off to get ready for their various activities. The adventures included rowing across Ullswater, hiking to various summits ranging between approximately 400-700 metres above sea level, gyhll scrambling (gorge walking), tunnelling, and team-building evening activities.

Again, there were great achievements made by the children to overcome physical and mental challenges throughout the day. The spirit within the teams grew every day and the bonds and empathy between the children have developed amazingly through their collaboration in activities and the expert guidance of the instructors to steer towards the intended outcomes.


Thursday saw the children complete their last full day of adventures. The groups rotated to take their turns hiking to summits, scrambling up mountain streams, exploring the water and surrounding cliffs.

It was a brilliant week: the children have taken so much from their experiences and will have many stories to share as they reflect on their achievements and the personal challenges they have overcome.


The last morning at the centre was full of activities – organising kit rooms, cleaning dorms, stripping beds, and fuelling up with one last hearty breakfast for fun and team bonding. There was an excited buzz around as the morning came to an end with the anticipation of returning home to share memories and catch up with family, friends and pets!

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