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Happy Families with Dr Andy Cope at Hallfield Insights


2 July 2024


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Happy Families with Dr Andy Cope at Hallfield Insights


As part of the Hallfield Insights series, we were thrilled to welcome Dr. Andy Cope, a renowned wellbeing revolutionary, for a special event titled “Happy Families.”

Andy led two interactive workshops for pupils in Year 4 to Year 8, focusing on the importance of choosing to be positive and identifying “mood hoovers”—those individuals who drain positivity.

During these engaging sessions, Andy emphasised the significance of striving to be part of the top 2% on the positivity spectrum, inspiring our young learners to adopt a more positive outlook for their future. His message aimed to equip children to stay calm, positive, and supportive, ultimately fostering strong relationships that can navigate the ups and downs of modern life. The workshops were not only informative but also fun, offering simple principles to help the children long-term.

The Challenges of Growing Up in the Modern World

In the evening, Andy Cope kicked off our Hallfield Insights event series with his unique perspective on creating “Happy Families” to an eager audience of both children and adults.

Growing up has always come with a set of challenges—exams, relationships, and the struggle to fit in. However, the modern world has introduced a new set of complexities: social media, artificial intelligence, a pandemic, wars, the climate emergency, and neurodiversity. For teenagers and young people, life is hitting hard.

These added pressures have redefined parenting. Holding everything together now requires a mix of common sense and luck. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to being a child or a parent, there are some quick wins that can help families flourish.

Practical Strategies for Family Well-being

In his insightful and engaging presentation, Andy shared practical strategies designed to help all family members remain calm, positive, and supportive. Emphasising the importance of strong relationships that can weather life’s ups and downs, Andy encouraged families to reduce screen time and engage in meaningful conversations instead – he also shared some intense statistics which made the audience rethink their time around the family table. Andy introduced us to the concept of Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah)—the Danish lifestyle approach that embraces comfort and joy through simple, cost-free pleasures. Both children and adults enjoyed the event thoroughly!

Andy also shared his inspiring journey to becoming an author, emphasising that “being brilliant is easy; sustaining it is a lifetime challenge”. He offers a variety of resources to help you maintain a positive mindset, including books, audio downloads, brilliant T-shirts, and posters—all with free postage to UK destinations.

Don’t miss out on these fantastic tools for boosting your family’s happiness and well-being. Check out Andy’s books and more to start your journey towards sustained brilliance today!


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