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Hallfield School Speech and Prize Giving Day 2024

It was Friday 28 June 2024 – the sun was shining and a hum of excitement filled the air at The Great Hall – University of Birmingham.


3 July 2024


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Hallfield School Speech and Prize Giving Day 2024


Our annual Speech and Prize Giving Day brings the Hallfield community together in celebration of the pupils’ achievements and our incredible school.

The platform party entered the hall to a lively rendition of “Oh Happy Day” by Edwin Hawkins. Once seated Year 1 and 2 kicked off vocal performances with Living and Learning by Mark & Helen Johnson (1998 © Out of the Ark Ltd) and Keep on Smiling by Jane Carr (2017 © Out of the Ark Ltd).

“Wonderful, uplifting performances” is how Mr Guy Ralphs; Chair of Governors applauded the children’s performances from Year 1 to Year 8. He then went on to highlight pupil achievement, affirming that 90% of pupils achieved their first choice of secondary school, with a special nod to the 28% that received scholarships.

Following Mr Ralphs’ introduction and opening remarks, Mr Morrow made his address, this year with a self-written poem humorously titled: Another Year Has Passed, By Mr K B Morrow, Aged 53 ¾ that beautifully captured the last academic year in all its glory.

Read Mr Morrow’s poem

Introducing our Head children

The head children then took to the stage and gave heartfelt accounts of their time at Hallfield. The common thread was that Hallfield to them was very much a home away from home, a place that provides opportunities and experiences.

Then the announcement of the new House Captains and Head Children came. The hall was still and poised to attention. Congratulations to the following children in their leadership roles.


Read the Head children speeches

Head Girl

Angie, Year 8

Head Boy

Dhyan, Year 6

Deputy Head Girl

Lucilla, Year 6

Deputy Head Boy

Rocco, Year 6

Head Children

  • Head Boy: Adam
  • Head Girl: Sofia
  • Deputy Head Boy: Maxwell
  • Deputy Head Girl: Mia

House Captains

  • House Captain (Nowers): Aman
  • House Captain (Stork): Sylvie
  • House Captain (Ridgway): Aisha
  • House Captain (Pughe): Edward

“Never forget how to play”

It was then time for our honorary guest, Dr Andy Cope to speak to the audience. Dr Andy Cope is a wellbeing expert, best-selling author and recovering academic.

An expert in delivering inspirational keynotes on wellbeing, leadership, resilience and change to audiences around the world with simplicity and humour. Professionals, children and families alike benefit from his words of wisdom and inspiration to live and find happiness in the moment and mundanity of our every day.

He has written multiple books that have topped the self-help and business charts. He is also a children’s author selling over a million copies of his spy dog series.

Andy’s speech was nothing short of energetic, inspiring and thoughtful. “WOW” is how he described Hallfield School and his experience of it over the few days he had spent with us: “Pupils: WOW, staff: WOW, facilities: WOW!”

Dr Andy’s message was to never let anyone tell you what you can or cannot be, what you can and cannot aspire to. And his second was for the children to not rush through childhood – savour every moment and never forget how to play!

Let the prize giving commence

The room was was full of support and applause for all our Year 2, 6 & 8 prize winners whose hard work and dedication paid off. Pupils were recognised for their effort in: Attainment (across the curriculum), All Round Effort, Exemplary Conduct, as well as all the different subjects within their curriculum.

There were a number of special awards too, such as the Kathryn Cartwright Community Spirit Award. This recognises a pupil that demonstrates community spirit and support for others and good causes. This went to Ellen. The Head Master Award for an all-round outstanding contribution went to Levizah. The All Day Cup goes to a boy who shows good sportsmanship and that was awarded to Ibraheem. And finally, the Derry Bowl which is awarded to a girl for good Sportsmanship went to Olivia.

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