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Year 6 Exploring the Heart of London


30 November 2023


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Year 6 Exploring the Heart of London


Day 1: Unveiling Wonders at The Natural History Museum, London

Our first day in London was fantastic. The journey was plain sailing and we arrived just after 1pm at The Natural History Museum. Here we had a picnic lunch before splitting into our small groups to explore the famous museum. All pupils were amazed by the exhibitions. The dinosaur exhibit being a firm favourite – especially the T-Rex wearing a festive jumper! The huge collection of fossils and gems were studied and discussed as we ventured towards ‘The Vault’ in which we found some beautiful pieces, including the largest blue topaz gemstone which is 9,381 carats.

As we continued, we came across an extinct Dodo and a stunning hummingbird cabinet. After this, the fossil gallery really captured our imaginations as we wondered what it would be like to come across some of these prehistoric animals. These included a Ichthyosaur, a plesiosaur and Jurassic crocodiles! Some of the fossils have been known to inspire stories of sea dragons.

On our way to the Red Zone, we ascended a magical escalator which took us through the Earth’s core. This took us to Volcanoes and Earthquakes exhibitions. A copious amount of information, videos and simulations allowed pupils to experience a small example of life during, and after, these events. This included a staged Japanese store experiencing an earthquake.

Finally, we perused the gift store before heading to dinner.  All pupils devoured a two-course meal at Pizza Express in our own private room. A perfect end to a great first day in London.

Day 2: Nautical Adventures and Historical Marvels in London

Tuesday had been a fun filled day exploring all things nautical. We started our day at Cutty Sark where pupils discovered the fascinating history of this immense ship. We found out that the Cutty Sark travelled the globe and visited every major port whilst delivering tea. Altogether, there are 11 miles of rigging aboard this ship. We all started in the hold where all the tea would have been stored and worked our way up through the mid-deck up to the top. There were interactive games and facts splashed all over which children added to their fact file. Next, we walked to the British Maritime Museum. We began at the heart of the museum on the Great Map where students pushed model ships across the globe. The Polar worlds gallery told tales of polar exploration and indigenous communities in the Arctic and Antarctic.

A true bucket list item next – Nelson’s jacket! The jacket that Nelson was wearing when he was shot and fatally wounded at the Battle of Trafalgar. We looked closely to see the hole in the fabric where the bullet entered. Throughout the rest of the visit, we embarked on a simulated ships voyage and found various interactive games, puzzles and factual videos.

A quick walk towards the Thames found us at the port for the Uber boat to take us on a 45-minute journey to the London Eye. This ride allowed us to get a unique view of London which even some of the teachers hadn’t experienced before. As we walked across Westminster bridge the sun began to shine just in time to enjoy the stunning views. We were in awe as the sun set behind the Big Ben as we floated back down towards the Thames.

Our evening concluded with a delicious three course meal at Las Iguanas in London’s Royal Festival.

Day 3: Gardens, Wax Figures, and Scientific Wonders

We began our day by taking a stroll to Regent’s Park, taking in the beautiful gardens and rose bushes. We happened upon a beautiful Japanese garden so, we took the time to discuss the various trees that are native to Japan as well as waterfalls and sculptures.



Our next adventure was at Madame Tussaud’s. Pupils were in awe of all the famous people they got to meet. The firm favourites being Ronaldo, the Royal Family and William Shakespeare! The tour included a quick ride in mini black cabs showing us Britain through the ages as well as many influential people in history. To the pupil’s great surprise, a short film in 4D wowed us all as we immersed ourselves in the Marvel universe!

From here, we travelled by coach to the V&A for the pupils to enhance their cultural capital by seeing fantastic sculptures, precious gemstones, and stunning art.

Our day continued with an incredible visit to the British Science Museum. Here pupils interacted with all things space by getting a close-up of spaceships and even a small piece of the moon! The immense museum also displayed different aircraft’s, some of which we stepped in or walked underneath. Other exhibits gave us insight into the modern world and how technology has changed and shaped our lives.

To finish our day, we dined at Hard Rock Cafe in Kensington where we were joined by Mr Morrow. The pupils could not wait to fill him in on all our adventures so far.

Day 4: Theatrical Delights and Historic Marvels

We spent Thursday morning exploring the wonderful Globe Theatre. We all felt it was such a privilege to be personally shown around by the tour guides. We even managed to catch a rehearsal of Hansel and Gretel! After our tour we had a drama workshop with an actor/actress. All pupils fully immersed themselves in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Thanks to our own Mr Woolhead, pupils made a brilliant impression on the actors who complemented so many of their acting skills.

From here we travelled by coach to Westminster Abbey and wow, were we in for a treat! After finishing lunch, we had a personal tour in our small groups. The history of the church was astounding. We stood only meters away from the coronation throne! We marvelled upon graves of great poets, composers, and artists. We sat where past prime ministers have sat during important events such as weddings, funerals, and coronations. Pupils were truly amazed by the beauty of the building, all commenting on the architecture and the attention to detail. A wonderful afternoon spent.

We then went straight to dinner at Byron Burgers and enjoyed our final meal as a group along with Mr Morrow. 

After our meal, we all became thrilled to be spending the evening at the theatre to see Matilda at The Cambridge Theatre.

Day 5: Magical Grand Finale at Harry Potter, Warner Bros. Studios Tour

A magical finish to our week and one which has been looked forward to by so many. Harry Potter Studios was truly enchanting. We explored iconic sets like the Great Hall, Diagon Alley, and Hogwarts Castle, immersing ourselves in the magic of the wizarding world. The attention to detail was mesmerising, and seeing the actual costumes and props from the films added a sense of awe. The experience ignited our imaginations, making the fantasy of Hogwarts feel incredibly real. It was an exciting journey through the cinematic magic of Harry Potter leaving a long-lasting impression on us all. 

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