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World Book Day 2023

Another fabulous World Book Day Celebration was held at Hallfield, this time including parents in the morning events!


2 March 2023


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World Book Day 2023


Halls and classrooms buzzed with hundreds of enthusiastic parents, children, and staff, resplendent in wonderful costumes from their favourite books. Pupils and parents enjoyed a delicious breakfast provided by Holroyd Howe, over their favourite book.


Pre-Prep and Prep assemblies were held in the morning, and The Masked Reader returned by popular demand with fabulous and well disguised readings by members of staff.


The costumes, once again, were fabulous and thanks to our discerning judges – the true spirit of competition was captured by identifying such well balanced and fair criteria to select our worthy and very happy winners and runners up.

Benefits of reading include:


Reading to children helps build their vocabulary and improve their language skills.


Reading can stimulate a child's imagination and creativity, helping them to become more curious and engaged with the world around them.


Reading to children helps develop cognitive skills, such as memory and attention span, which can benefit them throughout their lives.


Reading to children can encourage critical thinking by asking them questions about the story and characters, helping them to develop their analytical skills.


Reading to children can improve their concentration and focus, as they learn to pay attention to the story and follow along.


Reading can enhance a child's emotional development by exposing them to different emotions and helping them to develop empathy.


Reading to children can promote bonding between parents and children, creating a special and intimate time for them to share.


Reading can foster creativity by exposing children to different styles of writing and storytelling.


Reading can provide children with knowledge about the world around them, including different cultures, places, and historical events.

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