Staff Directory

Head MasterMr K MorrowBA (Hons) QTS, PGCPS (ED), NPQH, FRSA
Deputy Head and Head of PrepMr R BatchelorBA (Hons) PGCE, MA (ED)
Deputy Head and Head of Pre-PrepMrs L SandersonBEd
Deputy Head and Head of EYFSMrs A OliverBEd
Director of Finance & OperationsMrs S BowronBSc (Hons), ACA
HR ManagerMrs R BodfishMCIPD
Head Master's PAMrs H Surr
Assistant Head: Head of Pastoral Care KS1 & 2 Designated Safeguard LeadMrs E KirbyBEd (Hons)
Assistant Head: Learning and Assessment KS2Miss C Florida-JamesBSc (Hons)
Assistant Head: Learning and Assessment KS1Mrs J TowlePGCE
Assistant Head: Learning SupportMrs C CheckettsMEd BA (Hons) PGCE
Year 6Miss H WattonBA (Hons)
Year 5Mrs H FinneganBEd (Hons)
Year 4Mrs R NixBA (Hons) PGCE
Year 3Miss B CastletonBA (Hons)
Year 2Miss S OzerBSc (Hons)
Year 1Miss D DicksBA (Hons) PGCE
ReceptionMrs J PayneBSc (Hons)
FoundationMrs A WoodwardBSc (Hons) PGCE
EnglishMiss G JacksonBA (Hons) PGCE
MathsMr R GoldmanBEd (Hons)
ScienceDr J WilkinsonBSc (Hons)
ArtMiss H WattonBA (Hons) QTS
Philosophy for ChildrenMrs E KirbyBEd (Hons)
Head of PEMiss V EmmsBSc (Hons)
History and GamesMrs H FinneganBEd (Hons)
GeographyMrs R NixBA (Hons) PGCE
MusicMr P JoplingBA (Hons) MA PGCE
Religious EducationMiss G ThompsonBA (Hons) Cert Ed
SportMr J MoffattBA (Hons)
Head of Reception Mrs J PayneBSc (Hons)
Head of Foundation Mrs A WoodwardBSc (Hons) PGCE
Hallfieldfirst Manager Miss E AstleBTEC National Diploma
Hallfieldfirst Deputy Manager Miss R O'RourkeNVQ Level 3
Hallfieldfirst Deputy ManagerMiss S LinekarNVQ Level 3
Year 6
TeacherMiss H WattonBA (Hons) QTS
TeacherDr J WilkinsonPhD BA (Hons)
TeacherMiss V EmmsBA (Hons)
Year 5
TeacherMrs H FinneganBEd (Hons)
TeacherMr D LoweBSc (Hons)
TeacherMiss G ThompsonBA (Hons) Cert Ed
Year 4
TeacherMrs R NixBA (Hons) PGCE
TeacherMiss Y NealBA (Hons)
TeacherMr R GoldmanBEd (Hons)
Year 3
TeacherMiss B CastletonBEd (Hons)
TeacherMiss D ColleyBEd (Hons)
TeacherMr J SomersBA (Hons)
Other Prep Staff
Learning Support AssistantMrs H AliNVQ level 3
Art, Design & Science Technician Mrs W SeagarBA (Hons)
MusicMrs R EdgarBA (Hons) PGCE
Forest School Coordinator Mrs A LoweBEd (Hons)
Year 2
TeachersMiss S OzerBSc (Hons)
TeachersMr G DerbyshireBSc (Hons)
TeachersMrs D BansalBA (Hons)
Year 1
TeachersMiss D DicksBA (Hons) PGCE
TeachersMiss S BonhamBSc (Hons) PGCE
TeachersMiss E BakerBEd
Learning Support Assistants
Learning Support AssistantMiss E NeighCACHE Level 2
Learning Support AssistantMiss L HaighBA (Hons)
Learning Support AssistantMiss A MeakinBA (Hons)
Learning Support AssistantMrs M HornerNVQ Level 3
Learning Support AssistantMiss C NevilleNNEB Diploma
Learning Support AssistantMrs H O'HaraBTEC National Diploma
Other Pre Prep Staff
School CouncillorMiss K DayDiploma in Counselling
Language Support AssistantMrs M CookeLLB (Hons)
Head of Art and DesignMrs A MorrowBA (Hons)
TeachersMrs J PayneBSc (Hons)
TeachersMiss J PalmerBA (Hons)
TeachersMrs S RafiqBA (Hons)
TeachersMiss L WoodallBA (Hons)
Learning Support AssistantMrs D WoolleyNVQ level 3 HLTA
Learning Support Assistant Mrs R AhmedNVQ Level 3
Learning Support AssistantMrs J DaviesNVQ level 3
Learning Support AssistantMiss C HayesNVQ level 3
TeachersMrs A WoodwardBSc (Hons) PGCE
TeachersMrs J HallBA (Hons)
TeachersMiss L BurtonBA (Hons)
Learning Support AssistantMiss H PillingBTEC National Diploma
Learning Support AssistantMiss S KhatoonNVQ Level 3
Learning Support AssistantMiss L ChapmanNVQ Level 3
ManagerMiss E AstleBTEC National Diploma
Deputy ManagerMiss R O'RourkeNVQ Level 3
Deputy ManagerMiss S LinekarNVQ Level 3
Nursery NurseMrs R BansalCACHE Level 3
Nursery NurseMrs I AhmedNCFE Level 3 Diploma
Nursery NurseMiss M BennettCity & Guilds Level 3
Nursery NurseMiss B BibiNVQ Level 3
Nursery NurseMiss B KhanomCity & Guilds Level 3
Nursery NurseMiss T ZaheerCACHE Level 3
Nursery NurseMiss M ByrneNVQ Level 3
Nursery NurseMiss A AliCACHE Level 3
Nursery NurseMiss R BasraNVQ Level 3
Nursery NurseMrs E DeanBTEC Level 3
Nursery NurseMiss E FisherNVQ Level 3
Nursery NurseMrs R JukesBTEC National Diploma
Nursery NurseMiss A MazarCACHE Level 3
Nursery NurseMiss E SingletonNVQ Level 3
Nursery NurseMiss B BarnettNVQ Level 3
Nursery NurseMiss R SalmonNVQ Level 3
Nursery NurseMiss J TotneyEYF Degree
Nursery NurseMiss V SmithTrainee
Nursery NurseMiss K GardenerTrainee
Network ManagerMrs A AslamBSc (Hons)
ICT AssistantMr S WilliamsonBTEC National Diploma
Director of Finance & OperationsMrs S BowronBSc (Hons), ACA
Estates ManagerMr M Brown
Finance AssistantMrs S Green
Management AccountantMiss S Cook
Credit Controller & Fees ClerkMiss K Kalsi
Admissions ManagerMiss A Gilmartin
Marketing AssistantMr J WyllieBA (Hons) Sports Marketing
Pre-Prep SecretaryMrs R Sperring
ReceptionistMrs K Aujla
HR AdministratorMrs J Moore
LibrarianMrs Paula CookeBA (Hons), Dip. Couns.
Mr A JonesBA (Hons)
Miss V CovingtonCACHE Level 2