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Sports Roundup – 20 May


20 May 2022





Sports Roundup – 20 May


U10A vs Highclare A 16.05.22

105-52 win

It was a successful start to our cricket season for the U10A team on Monday. We lost the toss and went into the field first which would have been our preference anyway. It was a strong start for the team with some excellent bowling from Amera and Hiba as the first pair. They prevented Highclare from scoring too many runs and Amera bowled the opposition out. Our girls demonstrated their prowess in the field with some excellent teamwork between Sophia A throwing the ball into Sophie as bowler and stopping runs, and even stumping one pair out. Bella also bowled the opposition out with a wonderful bowl that got wedged between 2 stumps! Rayna was praised by the opposition coach for her lovely technique as a bowler, being very accurate and putting a little spin on the ball to make it more difficult for the batswoman. By the end of the innings, we had taken 5 wickets and were going into bat 25 runs up.

During our turn to bat, the girls did not disappoint. Amera, Hiba, Nikki and Sophie all hit 4s during their overs and Amelia managed two 4s. Jasmine and Akshara were both alert throughout and made some excellent decisions with their partners to steal extra runs whilst the opposition was chasing the ball in the field. I was particularly pleased with Nikki’s calls to her partner, showing confidence and tactical awareness.

The final score was 105 to Hallfield and 52 to Highclare. Sophie was voted the girl of the game. An excellent first match, well done girls!


U10B Training match with Highclare 16.05.22

Unfortunately due to some children needing to be elsewhere, the U10B match had to be changed into a training game as Highclare only had 3 girls against our 10! We split the teams and mixed in the Highclare pupils. There was a lot of coaching taking place and it was a good opportunity for the girls to demonstrate their skills in a match situation. Good progress was made with some confident calling and sound running between the wickets. The bowling is becoming more consistent and all of the girls played well. A great start!

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