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Pupils creative writing recognised in Children’s Air Ambulance writing competition

Pupils from Hallfield School recently entered the Children’s Air Ambulance creative writing Competition. The brief was to write about an epic adventure…


3 December 2021


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Pupils creative writing recognised in Children’s Air Ambulance writing competition


Pupils from Hallfield School recently entered the Children’s Air Ambulance creative writing Competition. The brief was to write about an epic adventure for the Children’s Air Ambulance mascots Blade and Peggy. Roshan (Year 1), Diah and Japmeh (Year 5) received highly commended for their entries (which you can read below). Well done everyone!

Roshan Tharakan Malik (Year 1)

In the shark beach 22 children were on a boat. The 22 children were shark watching. Six children got bit by a shark. The teacher on the boat called for help. The emergency centre contacted Peggy and Blade to help the six children. Peggy was eating her frozen fish and Blade was about to eat his burger. Blade flies with Peggy into the helicopter and their crew says “Let’s Do This!” Their electric chopper is called Phoenix. Phoenix takes off with the crew to the children’s rescue. Phoenix drops a ladder to the children to come aboard. Peggy and Blade took the children to the nearest hospital.

Diah Patel (Year 5)

The Air Ambulance saves the day (again)!

Nee Naw Nee Naw…

The sound of the air ambulances siren could be heard miles and miles away. As the ambulance sped over cars, tracks, vales and hills, their new mascots Blade and Peggy were doing all they could to help. Sending messages back to HQ and encouraging the pilot. A little girl’s life was at risk and no matter what, nothing would stop the air ambulance…

On and on they flew, also trying to keep contact with their patient. Right down below them they could see their back up ambulance. They knew they had to go faster. All of these worrying questions flooded into Peggy’s mind. What would happen if we don’t get there in time? What if something bad happens?…

But right at that moment Blade put his arm around Peggy to cheer her up. He knew something was bothering her because of the worried look on her face. A few minutes later the helicopter landed. Everyone rushed out to get to the girl and her parents. She looked pale, could they save her or could they not…

Half an hour later they got to HQ and the doctors there helped cure her. The girl only had to spend one night there! In the morning she was right as rain and heady to go!

Three cheers for the air ambulance!

Hip Hip Hurray

Hip Hip Hurray

Hip Hip Hurray

Japmeh Gujral (Year 5)

The sun was beginning to set in the still blue sky. Wispy cotton candy clouds were slowly drifting out of sight. Blade and Peggy were sitting in their leafy green Children’s Air Ambulance helicopter, when suddenly Peggy perked up and said, “we have been working so hard all day, let’s go to the Zoo tomorrow.”

‘Brngg brngg!’ Blade picked up the call and with a raised eyebrow, he exclaimed, “you spoke too soon, Peggy, there is an emergency at the City Zoo!” Peggy looked on alarmed while she started getting the engines ready. “Yes, a boy named Barry Trotter thought he was a wizard in the making and launched himself off the zoo walls. In the process, he disrupted Wally the Wasp’s nest. You know how Wally gets when his sleep is ruined.”

Peggy got the helicopter in gear with urgency, and they lifted off defying gravity. “We need to get there speedily. The land ambulance can’t get through; the traffic in the city is like sardines in a tin can. Barry Trotter has a head injury, and his body did not like Wally the Wasp, so he is having an allergic reaction.”

Soaring through the skies, dodging Bertie the Bird on the way, they flew high above chimney stacks, church spires and tower blocks. The traffic looked like long lines of ants waiting to get to their destinations. “I do love looking at the world from this angle – I get such a thrill,” chirped Peggy.

Coming into sight, faintly, was City Zoo, a mixture of greenery, blue ponds, brown huts and colourful animals of different shapes and sizes. Peggy swerved the green helicopter like a slithering snake to a safe landing. Blade was ready and raring to go with his bright red medical box and stretcher.

Clearing the space of all the nosey animals and checking all was safe, Blade and Peggy quickly tended to Barry and calmed his terrified mum. After checking his pulse and breathing, Blade and Peggy made sure Barry was stable and not moving his neck. They placed an oxygen mask over his mouth, giving Barry the much needed air to breathe. Blade noticed the allergic reaction was getting worse with Barry’s lips starting to swell as if they were being inflated. Out came the injection to help stock the allergic reaction in its path and give Barry time to get to hospital. Peggy checked Barry’s head and made sure she bandaged up the cut, so blood was not lost.

As the animals cheered, the helicopter lifted Barry Trotter and his mum out of their worst nightmare. “Don’t worry Barry,” said Peggy, “we’ll get you to the hospital in no time!” The zoo was left behind as a blip in the distance, and all animals and people praised the bravery and speed of #TheCrew.

Barry Trotter safely reached the hospital and got the necessary treatment. The sky was a hawkweed orange as #TheCrew of the Children’s Air Ambulance

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