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Old Hallfieldians come back to school

Old Hallfieldians from across the decades came ‘back to school’ last night for a tour and a old fashioned school dinner. Held on the eve of our 143rd birthday, the event was held to commemorate Founders’ Day. Mr Nowers and Mr Pughe were the co-founders, and the first day of term for ‘Edgbaston High School for Boys’ as Hallfield was first known, was 21 January 1879.


21 January 2022




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Old Hallfieldians come back to school


Guests delighted in exploring areas of the school unchanged since their time here, and looking at the many new developments. There was also chance to browse memorabilia, including school photos and copies of  ‘The Hallfieldian’ which documented school and individual achievements each year.

Quentin Gummow (OH 1952-57), found many references to his sporting achievements in our archives. He said:

For the menu, Old Hallfieldians nominated their favourite school meals. Cottage pie followed by jam Roly Poly and custard were the most popular choices! Guests were treated to the full school dinner experience, collecting their meal from the servery on a tray before sitting down to eat.

We have a varied programme for Old Hallfieldians including reunions, tours and sporting events. Old Hallfieldians are also most welcome to join our family ‘Friends of Hallfield’ events such as fireworks and our open air cinema. To find out about forthcoming events, click here.

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