Music is a real area of focus at Hallfield, and the creativity, sense of achievement and community spirit it can foster fills our classrooms and corridors. It features extensively, too, in the activities of our children outside of formal music class.

With instrumental ensembles and choirs at every level within the School, Hallfield children are quickly given every opportunity to follow up what they learn in class by committing to a personal passion outside of it. Whether that’s learning an instrument or enhancing their voice, our range of musical activities are all supported by specialist teaching staff, both from within the school and outside of it.

From the very earliest years at Hallfield right through to Year 6, we encourage our children to grasp with both hands the opportunity to focus on music outside of the class, should they wish to. We’re proud of this emphasis and place no barriers before children wishing to begin an instrument.

At Hallfield, music is everywhere. So, play on!

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