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Mid-Year Concert Success

This week, Prep Hall was filled with the sound of music as we held our Mid-Year Concert, featuring some of Hallfield School’s…


4 March 2022


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Mid-Year Concert Success


This week, Prep Hall was filled with the sound of music as we held our Mid-Year Concert, featuring some of Hallfield School’s outstanding violinists, cellists, and violists. Pupils as young as seven years old jumped at the chance to take centre stage and showcase their musical talents, either in small groups or as members of our Orchestra and String Ensemble. The concert was a huge success, demonstrating the exceptional level of musical talent at Hallfield School. Parents, teachers, and students were all very proud of all of the children who participated.


Director of Music, Mr Jopling said: “It was a joy to see and hear so many violinists, cellists and viola players performing in our Mid-Year Concert. For many of our Year 3 pupils, this was their first time performing to an audience on their instrument. A number of our Year 4 pupils performed in our String Ensemble and showed excellent musicianship and skill. The concert finished with the Hallfield Orchestra; a large ensemble consisting of 20 violins, 3 violas and 2 cellos. The Orchestra played An American Suite with real flare. What a tremendous way to finish our concert! The concert highlighted the musical journey and progression experienced by so many pupils at Hallfield School.”


A full list of Musicians and the pieces played are as follows:

Eleanor Rigby—John Lennon and Paul McCartney

Arranged by J. Nurse

Sophia Dyer (violin 1)

Mr Jones (violin 1)

Mr Jopling (violin 2)

Nehemiah Kong—King Edward’s School (viola)

Aran Murugananthan (cello)


Katie’s Waltz  – Kathy and David Blackwell

Max Cullen , Rueben Gagan, Nicole Yau (violin)

Copycat Blues  – Kathy and David Blackwell

Saffron Fearon, Ibrahim Najib, Ronav Shah (cello)

In Flight & Down Up  Kathy and David Blackwell

Neo Michael, Aya Riaz (violin)


String Ensemble

Toad in the Hole—Caroline Lumsden & Anita Hewitt-Jones

Simple Square Dance—Dorothy A. Straw

Tango—D. R. Bellwood

Cha-Cha —D. R. Bellwood

Andrew Glore, Mia Wang, Parvaan Nanwa (violin)

Lamiya Kaderbhai, Mary Glore, Sahiba Johal (violin)

Ismy Rahman, Mylo Robins (cello)


Boogie Band – Kathy and David Blackwell

Sophie De La Hamayde, Dylan Dheri, Mia Dulay (cello)

Jelly on a Plate – Kathy and David Blackwell

Arnav Dasari, Jiya Ghuman, Aaryan Padda, (cello)

Minuet  —J. S. Bach

Yueqi Hu, Henry Liu (violin)

Cello Suite No 3 Bourrée—J. S. Bach

Aran Murugananthan (cello)



An American Suite  – Katherine & Hugh Colledge

1) Old Joe Clarke

2) Go Tell Aunt Nancy

3) Skip to My Lou

4) Susannah and Liza Meet Polly at the Races!

Mr Jones (conductor)

Sophia Dyer, Laween Abas , Husayn Loonat (violin)

Zayaan Ahamed, Victoria Bennard, Diah Patel (violin)

Alayna Farooq, Arissa Farooq, Nikki Tawana (violin)

Aryan Barry, Sophie Woolley, Safeya Khan (violin)

Samantha Lam, Idris Mahmood, Aleena Nazir (violin)

Karan Pooni, Zakeriya Uddin, Anisa Khan (violin)

Taha Kaderbhai, Andrew Glore (violin)

Ibrahim Farooq, Sophia Aslam, Max Chi (viola)

Aran Murugananthan, Mrs Mulenga (cello)

Mr Jopling (piano)


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