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Meet the Cast of Oliver Jr

We interviewed the cast of Oliver Jr. ahead of their first performance to find out about their roles, what they love about rehearsals and their favourite moments in the play.


2 July 2024


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Meet the Cast of Oliver Jr


Tell us about your role. Who do you play? Did you enjoy it? And was it the character you wanted?

Josh: I play the character Oliver Twist and enjoy it as it’s a main role! I wanted to play Dodger or Oliver – so you can imagine how happy I am!

Thomas: I play Fagin and love being this character! I am so glad I got this role as I wanted to be Fagin!

Marcus: In the production, Oliver, I am playing the role of the Artful Dodger and straight from the beginning I had wanted to play the role of the Artful Dodger. I really enjoy the role as it is a fun and lively character in the play.

Siyona: I play the role of Nancy and I really enjoy it. Originally, I did not think I would get the role of Nancy, so I was mainly trying to get the role of Bet. So when I got the role of Nancy I was delighted!

Ansh: I play Bill Sikes, and I thoroughly enjoy it and there is a large element of seriousness! Originally I wanted to Artful Dodger but I am very happy with Bill Sikes!


Did you know the story of Oliver before the play? If so, what is your favourite part of the story?

Josh: Not until I watched the movie. I really enjoyed when Oliver enters Fagin’s den.

Thomas: No, I wasn’t familiar with the story but now I am an expert on it. My favourite part is when I sing pick a pocket or two. I love the song!

Marcus: I have only read the beginning of the book Oliver and the movie. My favourite part is when the Dodger meets Oliver for the first time because it is the first time someone is nice to Oliver.

Siyona: I did not know the story of Oliver before the play, so when i found out, I watched the movie and loved it. I then went onto borrowing the book from the school library!

Ansh: Yes, I did know the story of Oliver. My favourite part of the story would be when Oliver gets scared of by Brownlow and when he gets reunited.


What has been your best memory of rehearsal to date?

Josh: My best memory would be when the set was made and seeing Fagin’s den come to life.

Thomas: When everyone did a big run through and I got to see everyone acting who I hadn’t seen before.

Marcus: My best memory is getting my solo’s moves – Consider Yourself, correct for the first time.

Siyona: My best memory from Oliver was probably the first after school rehearsal with everybody in it. I got to see all the scenes.


What are you looking forward to the most about opening night?

Josh: I am looking forward to doing my solo ‘where is love’ as it is my main song.

Thomas: I am looking forward to the whole production coming together and the crowd’s reaction!

Marcus: I am looking forward to all the audience watching my hard work pay off after all these months practising

Siyona: I am looking forward to perform in full costumes with all the lighting, sound effects and with an audience.

Ansh: I am looking forward to when the parents see us in costume and at the end when we get a huge clap.

How much do you practice at home?

Josh: I usually practice everyday and read the whole script, highlighting and trying to remember my lines.

Thomas: I practice my lines most days for a few minutes. On the weekends, I practice a bit longer.

Marcus: I usually practice around an hour every day where I run through the entire script until I get all my lines correctly.

Siyona: I usually spend around 30 minutes a day practising for Oliver split between my lines and songs.

Ansh: I practice a bit at home; I learn my lines and always practice my accent as that is a big part!

Will you take part in future productions?

Josh: Yes, of course. I love to participate in productions and getting main character roles. I like to be live in front of the whole school.

Thomas: Yes, I will and look forward to participating in the future!

Marcus: I will most certainly take part in future productions because these plays create opportunities for confidence, but they are also great experiences that you will remember for life.

Siyona: I have thoroughly enjoyed the rehearsals so far. It has been an amazing experience and I am looking forward to the opening night. I would love to do more productions in the future!

Ansh: Yes, I definitely will! In my future secondary school, I will carry on doing a lot of productions.


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