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Hallfield Insights with Dr Andy Cope


Thursday 27th June 2024


17:30 - 19:00

Hallfield Insights with Dr Andy Cope


Growing up has always presented exam, relationship and fitting in challenges. The modern world has layered on some extras: social media, AI, a pandemic, wars, climate emergency, neuro-diversity…for teenagers and young people, life is punching hard.

These extras have added a new dimension to parenting. Holding it together is a mixture of common sense and luck!

There is no ‘one best way’ to be a child or parent, but there are some quick wins that will help families to flourish.

We are delighted to welcome Dr Andy Cope for a special Hallfield Insights titled ‘Happy Families’. Andy will share strategies to help all family members to stay calm, positive and supportive. The focus is on building strong relationships that will help your family to navigate through the ups and downs of life.

If you want to have some fun, and learn about some simple principles that will help your family to live happily ever after, then this is the event for you!

Dr Andy Cope has been described as a ‘wellbeing revolutionary’. His mission is to change the narrative and re-focus psychology away from what’s wrong with people to what’s right. His messages act as a gentle nudge towards people taking charge of their own mental health.

Tickets will go on sale in early May.


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