The arts of all kinds are a real jewel in the crown at Hallfield, and there are endless opportunities for our pupils to take part and succeed in a wide variety of creative activities. These experiences often ignite a future, life-long passion – granting Hallfieldians a lasting gift which will nurture them for years to come.

As part of this commitment to a broader curriculum, each year we often a range of opportunities for Hallfieldians to take part in a range of dramatic performances. From assemblies and plays to improvisation and detailed choreographic productions, we put together an inspiring set of theatrical productions for the children to enjoy.

Recent productions have included A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Pirates, With Molly on Board, Wizard of Oz and Hamlet. In addition to taking part in these, Hallfield pupils can enter examinations with the London Academic of Music, Drama and the Arts should they wish to follow their passion further.

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