Year 4

Year 4 consists of three forms, each headed by a form tutor responsible for the academic and pastoral care of each child in the class. A form time at the beginning and end of every school day ensures that time is available to quietly settle, organise and support the class. Lessons last for one hour, and after lunch a half-hour reading session takes place every day.

In Year 4, we create a positive learning experience in the context of encouraging independence and personalised progress. The children are expected to take full responsibility for their sports kit and equipment. The academic planner, which records details of homework and other tasks, should be completed in detail and used efficiently by the children. We encourage peer support, strive for excellence and promote the personal progression of each and every one of our children.

Year 4 is a time to focus on the core skills of Mathematics and English, but we also find plenty of time to explore topics such as Roman Britain and the water cycle – as well as specialist-taught lessons in Science, Art and Music. Children partake in a weekly Creative Arts lesson which enables them to explore musical theatre, dance and speech. Combined with the many extracurricular opportunities enjoyed by the children in Year 4, this provision combines into a rich and diverse experience which sets our pupils up perfectly for the challenges that await them in Year 5.

In Year 4, the majority of the lessons are taught within three mixed ability classes. In the teaching of Mathematics at this age, however, there is a need for a differentiated approach which recognises that each child has individual educational needs and relative areas of strength and weakness.

Our setting policy in Maths, is designed to promote, at the most appropriate pace, natural ability, rather than achievement resulting from previous training. Children are set in to four Maths sets in accordance with their Mathematical profile, with one gentler paced set in which children receive additional learning support.

In general, and especially in Year 4, setting is fluid and the same topics are taught at the appropriate pace to each class. There is a considerable overlap of ability between sets and set changes occur whenever it seems that this will be of a clear benefit for a child. Your children are a pleasure to teach and impress us daily with their ability to learn, enthusiasm and respect for each other.