Year 3

Year 3 consists of three mixed ability form groups, each with their own assigned form tutor. The role of each form tutor is to provide support in all areas of the curriculum – academic, intellectual, emotional, social and physical.  A form time at the beginning and end of every school day ensures that time is available to quietly settle, organise and provide support within class. Most lessons are an hour in duration, and after lunch time a half-hour reading session takes place every day.

In Year 3, we aim for our children to look forward to their lessons! We ensure that the curriculum is exciting, stimulating and attainable. The majority of the lessons are taught within each form, ensuring that each pupil benefits from a rich and diverse curriculum. Only in Mathematics do we set our children (into three separate groups following a term of “settling in”), since we find this subject, in particular, benefits from the approach.

Some other lessons – such as Physical Education, Music, Information Technology, Art, Dance and Drama – are taught by specialist teachers in purpose-designed teaching facilities. This affords Year 3 pupils the opportunity to learn how to cope with moving around the school, handing homework in on the right day and being prepared for the right lessons with the correct books and equipment.

Equally, the children benefit from routine: each day they enjoy a half-hour reading session after lunch, during which they are invited to read with an adult to develop fluency and comprehension. Children are also expected to read every night at home.

In Year 3 the children enjoy many extracurricular opportunities that include various trips, workshops and individual music lessons. We have high expectations of behaviour and we encourage independence, self-awareness and the ability to be a team player. Our aim is to develop healthy, happy and confident children.

The Year 3 curriculum provides a high-quality academic education based on a broad, balanced and, in part, differentiated curriculum. This is delivered by dynamic and challenging teaching, which in turn, encourages a sense of enquiry and a love of learning in children.