Welcome to Prep

At Hallfield, Prep School consists of four year groups: Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. Your child’s move from the Pre-Prep to the Prep School should be seamless, because many of the routines are very similar between the two departments. Prep School retains the same emphasis on good manners and courtesy, the broad range of extra-curricular opportunities on offer and the core values of Hallfield as a caring and inclusive academic community.

Hallfield’s Prep School is also a period of significant development. These changes are introduced gradually and sensitively, to reflect the growing maturity of the children.  For example, Prep School children begin to benefit from various specialist-taught lessons, many of them delivered in specialist teaching areas – increasingly so as they progress to Years 5 and 6. Not only is this important to providing the best academic support, but also for preparing your child for their destination schools – and their lives ahead more generally.

The Prep School day begins with a short form period and a morning assembling. English and Mathematics remain the backbone of morning lessons, which are punctuated with a mid-morning break and snack. After Lunch – served in the celebrated Hallfield Bistro – afternoon lessons often begin with reading time led by the class teacher, concluding at 3.40. Afterschool clubs and aftercare continue until 6pm.

Prep School pupils are members of one of our houses – Nowers, Pughe, Ridgway and Stork – which, as part of our merit system, encourage and reward endeavour, enthusiasm, and commitment. Equally, the houses also encourage children to establish relationships beyond their immediate contemporaries, building outwards beyond their form alone.

Extra-curricular opportunities are numerous. From Year 3 onwards, many children choose to learn a musical instrument and take part in our choirs, ensembles and individual music tuition; from Year 4, children have the opportunity to play in our School sports teams against other schools and Houses; and trips, too, continue to be a regular element of their School experience – including residential visits from Year 4 onwards.

Prep School will be a new and exciting time of continuous development for your child. We have high expectations of all the children at Hallfield, both inside and outside the classroom – and, at every stage of the Prep School journey, the opportunities for them to engage and take part are endless.

Daily Routine

8.25Class Teachers in Class Rooms / Whistle on play ground
8.30Pupils to Class Rooms
8.45End of Registration (Pupils late after this time)
8.50 - 9.10Form Period (Mon) Assembly (Tue –Fri)
9.15 – 10.15Lesson 1 (1a 9.15-9.45) (1b 9.45-10.15)
10.15 - 10.40Morning Break – Class Teachers collect class from the playground
10.45 - 11.45Lesson 2 (2a 10.45-11.15) (2b 11.15-11.45)
11.45 - 12.45Lesson 3 (3a 11.45-12.15) (3b 12.15-12.45)
12.45 - 13.45Lunch Duties Lunch 1 (12.45-13.10) Lunch 2 (13.10-13.45)
12.45Year 3 to Lunch
12.55Year 4 to Lunch
13.05Year 5 to Lunch
13.15Year 6 to Lunch
13.45Class Teachers collect class from the playground
13.50 - 14.20Lesson 5a
14.20 - 14.50Lesson 5b
14.50 - 15.20Lesson 6a
15.20 - 15.50Lesson 6b
15.20 - 15.40Year 3 and 4 Story Time and Form Time
15.50 - 16.00Years 5 and 6 Form Time
16.00 - 18.00After school clubs, after care(homework) and cooked tea
18.00After Care finishes – School closed