Upper School

As the children move from the Pre-Prep to the Upper School, we hope that this transition will be seamless because many of the routines are very similar.  The emphasis on good manners and courtesy, the broad range of extra-curricular opportunities on offer and the core values of Hallfield as a caring and inclusive community.

However, some things do change and these changes are all introduced gradually and sensitively to reflect the growing maturity of the children.  The children will now start to experience various specialist taught lessons, many of them delivered in specialist teaching areas.  This will become increasingly prevalent as the children progress through the year groups into Years 5 & 6.  The children are also used to learning in this way and have developed the independence and self-reliance as they progress through the School which will serve them well in their destination schools, but also in their lives ahead.

In the Upper School your child will be member of a house and will receive Merits for themselves and their House for their hard work, endeavour and good manners.

On the sports field the children in Year 4 and above will start preparing to play in School teams and in fixtures against other schools.  These are selected on merit, but there are always opportunities for children of all abilities.  There are also House events in all of the sports every year and we aspire for all children to play in a House team, hopefully a School team!

Many children in Year 3 onwards choose to learn a musical instrument and take part in the many and varied opportunities available to them:   choirs, ensembles, individual music tuition and M:Tech (a music technology activity).

We have high expectations of the children at Hallfield, both inside and outside the classroom and the opportunities for them to engage and take part are endless.

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