The overall focus of PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education) at Hallfield is to develop a range of skills and techniques that will build up our pupils’ resilience – and give each child strategies to cope better with a range of issues. We are also committed to enabling every Hallfieldian to become model citizens within society, both now and in their future.

PSHE issues are often addressed outside of timetabled lessons, such as in assemblies and Form periods. At Hallfield, however, we also teach PSHE in our Form groups and set lessons. The children focus on a wide range of issues, and the wellbeing of the children is our primary consideration in the learning objectives of the curriculum.

For example, the children’s understanding of personal, social, health and emotional issues is promoted through a range of teaching techniques that focus on improving key learning skills. The children learn through a variety of means including discussion, debate, critical thinking and role play.

In Year 1 to Year 3, however, the children will also cover planned lessons, with different topics during each half-term – including celebrating difference, dreams and goals, staying healthy, and “changing me”. In addition, opportunities to reinforce British Values are taken within the PSHE curriculum.

In Years 4, 5 and 6, the curriculum has been planned to address specific areas of PSHE that we feel are most appropriate for the children at Hallfield. These include building relationships and managing emotions; rules, laws and responsibilities; bullying (including cyber bullying); money matters, and transferable skills for life. The Year 6 children also work on transition activities to support them as they move on into secondary school.