Hallfield’s Music Department boasts two dedicated specialist teachers. Every Music class in the school, from Transition to Year 6, is therefore taught by a specialist. Pitch, notation and Kodaly principles are all introduced early and built on in successive years. In particular, we place a great emphasis on the development of listening skills.

In our Pre-Prep School, Year 2 children can learn to play a musical instrument in a group setting – guitar, violin and recorder studies are offered, and these instruments are taught by visiting music specialists. A Pre-Prep Choir also rehearses for twenty-five minutes every week during the school form period. They perform at assemblies throughout the year, and at prize-giving at the end of the academic year.

In the Prep School, children can learn to play an instrument, with lessons delivered one-to-one by visiting music professionals. Children can start instrumental lessons in Prep School in any year – there is no arbitrary point at which a new musical enthusiasm won’t be encouraged.

There are several instrumental ensembles in the Prep School, and children are invited to attend by teachers once they are able to play in time and in tune. There is a Prep School Choir which rehearses for twenty minutes every week during the form period.   All children in the choir are auditioned. These auditions take place in formal class lessons.

There is, in addition to all this, a dedicated thirty minutes provided every week in which separate year groups participate in singing development. With approximately sixty children in each year group, the children are exposed to a variety of songs which encompass the natural range of a child’s register and interest, including folk and spiritual songs.