Mathematics is one of our core strengths at Hallfield, and expectations are high for all the children. As you would expect, Maths forms a key part of our pupils’ preparations for the 11+ and independent school examinations – but it is also threaded prominently throughout our curriculum from the very earliest years.

We aim to make sure that all pupils leave Hallfield feeling positive and confident about the subject, and that they are in a good position to succeed in life beyond the School. Mathematics is a subject of huge importance and relevance in the contemporary worlds, and pupils and staff alike are justifiably proud of what they achieve in the subject.

Variety and challenge are key to maintaining motivation and developing agile minds. Developing understanding is always our primary objective but some knowledge is required, too. We believe pupils must practise standard methods and a lot of our time is spent on problem solving, applying knowledge and understanding, solving puzzles and explaining reasoning.

Mathematics at Hallfield takes a variety of forms including practical work, investigations and using ICT. Broadly speaking, Hallfield follows the National Curriculum in the subject – although most of our pupils are given a breadth of understanding beyond national expectations. We set for ability from early on, ensuring that all pupils receive the support right for them.

Children at Hallfield enjoy Mathematics. And in the Prep School, children are offered the chance to enter national competitions such as the Primary Maths Challenge and the UKMT Junior Maths Challenge (which is usually of a standard for Year 7 and Year 8 pupils). In short, we make Mathematics an integral element of life at Hallfield and focus on achieving real success in this essential subject for every child.