Modern languages offer a window onto a wider world. At Hallfield, all children in Years 3 to 6 are dual linguists, spending half of each academic year on French and Spanish. Lessons are predominantly given in the target languages.

Typical lessons include the full range of listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar. To help develop and enhance these skills, there are often songs, actions, surveys, paired work and individual tasks. Modern technology plays a key part in our learning, too, and much of what goes on in Modern Languages lessons also supports the wider literacy programme of our school.

Because learning languages is about cross-cultural exchange, we have an annual residential French trip to Rue for Year 6. We incorporate global and cultural events into our language learning, too, to keep the curriculum exciting and engaging.

But learning doesn’t end in the classroom, and that should be particularly true of Languages. Pupils take part in competitions like the Junior Language Challenge and British Council activities, and we have a bilingual reading group right here at Hallfield to encourage language study outside of lessons.

At Hallfield, we consider Modern Languages a major focus of our programmes. Not only do that provide children with crucial skills for their future lives – learning languages enriches them as individuals, too. That’s why we focus so keenly on teaching our future dual linguists the key learning skills they need – all in the target language and within a friendly, fun environment