At Hallfield, ICT – or Computing – is taught by specialist staff with a great depth of knowledge and experience. In our contemporary world, ICT is a fundamental of any good education, and we take seriously our lessons’ role in equipping your child with the knowledge that will power future achievement.

We focus on enabling children to develop the essential skills which can foster an independent application of technology in their everyday lives. This involves exploration of both physical IT (for example, through robotics) and conceptual IT (most obviously through software interfaces).

Hallfield boasts a wide range of educational IT resources to help consolidate key skills in learning and to explore curriculum areas through interactive media. We have a dedicated Computing lab which gives children full access to the breadth of computing devices and applications.

As well as focusing on how computers work, we focus on what they can achieve for your child. In particular, we emphasise developing each child’s communication skills, using both industry standard and education specific applications.

In addition, we dig deeper, exploring computer modelling and employing challenging virtual interfaces, all managed through coding and programming. These key skills will become ever more important in the future, and so we equip our children appropriately.

In short, our ICT classes embrace the key facets of the National Curriculum – whilst also adding what we refer to as the Hallfield Added Value, which in both depth, breadth and quality makes all the difference.