Geography at Hallfield encompasses the entire globe. We focus on geography of all kinds – from worldwide and nationwide to local. Geography is a subject that teaches children more about their world, and we take as broad as possible a view of that world in our lessons.

Geography is taught by form Teachers in the earlier years of your child’s career at Hallfield, and by subject specialists in the later years of Prep School. We use a variety of methods and tools to help pupils to explore the world around them: from maps both physical and digital, to data and debates.

We cover a wide range of topics from natural disasters to UK geography, and inspect rainforests, rivers and seas alongside other geographic features and landscapes. The key to Geography at Hallfield is breadth: we approach the subject holistically and aim to inspire our pupils about every aspect of our physical world.

As part of opening our pupils’ eyes to the world around them, we offer a range of field trips which enhance and emphasise material taught in class. In Year 5, for example, pupils measure rivers and look at coastlines during a trip to Cranedale in North Yorkshire. In Year 6, pupils undertake an outward-bound trip to Ullswater, climbing mountains and experiencing the landscape first-hand.

By the end of their time at Hallfield, our pupils have developed a sophisticated understanding of the subject. No event evidences this as clear as our popular Inter-House quiz in Year 6, which every year demonstrates our pupils’ impressive knowledge of capital cities, rivers, countries … and the world we all share.