At Hallfield, English is at the heart of the curriculum. Little matters more than your child’s ability to communicate – and their skills in English are fundamental to their capacity to make themselves heard. We focus squarely on reading, writing and speaking – with daily lessons throughout your child’s time with us.

We seek to provide our children with the ability to communicate effectively, infer accurately and respond with sensitivity. Each of these skills is vital to a child’s development and subsequent contribution to society – and we take seriously our role in fostering them from the very earliest stages.

We aim to do so by exciting and enthusing children about language and literature, with units of work built around high-quality texts and real-life issues and events. Likewise, reading sessions encourage engagement with a breadth of literary genres, as well as with non-fiction and fiction alike.

There is a strong emphasis, too, on discussion and the formation of individual opinions, as well as the ability to listen accurately and digest. We believe in helping children become rounded, independent learners with curiosity and self-reliance – self-expression is key to achieving these aims.

In the round, we seek to provide a balance between linguistic and literary, oral and written, and creative and technical skills. At the very heart of the curriculum at Hallfield, the study of English, and therefore of precisely these skills, is a daily experience for our pupils.