In your child’s Art lessons, our aim is to raise every pupil’s aspirations and achievement through creativity. At Hallfield, Art is delivered in a way which enables children both to be challenged and enjoy themselves, in a safe and supportive environment.

We work hard to create an environment in which ideas and the use of imagination are encouraged, through engaging and relevant schemes of work. We aim to develop each child’s visual language, which in turn will complement other languages such as those used in scientific, mathematical, literary and factual based subjects.

In the course of their Art education at Hallfield, children are offered the opportunity to explore and investigate a wide range of ideas, techniques and processes – all whilst engaging with the work of artists, craftspeople and designers from a variety of cultures.

We hope that every child will develop a sense of pride, achievement, self-awareness and fulfilment in the creation of their art works, as well as an appreciation of Art in its broadest sense – and also that they will take this appreciation with them beyond Hallfield, and into their wider lives.