Senior Leadership Team

Caitlin Williams

Head of EYFS

Caitlin joined Hallfield School in September 2020 as Head of EYFS. With over 20 years’ experience of teaching in a range of primary schools, Caitlin has specialised in teaching Early Years for the last 12 years. She has visited settings in Italy to study different Early Years pedagogies, and represented a lead school in a national study into the outstanding provision in EYFS.

Caitlin achieved a first-class degree in psychology at the University of Birmingham, where she also completed a postgraduate certificate in education. Caitlin has one daughter and is a keen swimmer with a newly discovered love of birdwatching.

Cordelia Checketts

Assistant Head: Learning Support

Cordelia joined Hallfield School in 2012 as Head of Languages and established Spanish alongside French in the Modern Languages curriculum; all the children from Year 3 onwards develop as dual linguists at Hallfield.  Cordelia, who is is married with twin daughters and loves music, has also taught English to Years 5 and 6, has been a form tutor in Year 5.

Cordelia holds a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and Management with the Open University and is currently studying for the NASENCO award in her role as Head of Learning Support at Birmingham University.  This role encompasses leadership of the provision for children with Special Educational Needs throughout our school community as well as those whose Gifts and Talents are also nurtured at Hallfield.