Year 4 go back in time for Roman Day

11th October 2017

Last week all 60 Year 4 pupils came together to bring the history of Roman Britain alive in our school.

Led by ‘History off the Page’, children, teachers and parent volunteers, were transported back in time to the year 60AD while taking part in a range of activities linking to the topic of Romans in Britain.

Dressed in traditional Roman attire, they worked independently on activities such as making mosaics and physician medicine. They became Roman soldiers through role play and together played a variety of Roman games.

The day of excitement culminated with the children coming together to perform pieces of drama and dance linked to the Roman theme, with a feast.

As a result or the special Roman Day, pupils gained a greater understanding of all the different elements of life in Roman Britain in 60AD and Boudicca’s Rebellion.

It was a fun and engaging day for all and the perfect way to bring our Roman history topic to an end.