Year 3 travel back to Ancient Egypt for a day

28th November 2017

On Friday our Year 3s travelled back almost 5000 years to a market place in the streets of Thebes.

They spent the morning taking part in a number of different Artisan workshops.

In reality artisans dealing with particular crafts would be found in different parts of the city such as the street of the Goldsmiths, the street of the Stonecutters and so on but here at Hallfield they were all bundled together in our hall in ‘Thebes’!

They moved from stall to stall, enjoying the trades of Ancient Egypt. Throughout the morning they learnt to make oil from olives, make ink to write on papyrus paper, they used clay to make canopic jars, they used clay and herbs to make perfume cones and ground barley into flour to make bread and used.

The afternoon activities saw the children indulge in a Royal Banquet to celebrate the appointment of a new High Priest of Aten. Servants handed out bread, cheese, fruit, and wine (blackcurrant squash) to the Royal family and guests while Queen Nefertiti enjoyed the entertainment of her court. Entertainment included the dance of the Nile, dance of the crocodile and a play of the story of Isis and Osiris.

The day finished with Malakhi and Anaiya being whipped for stealing the grain from the market place!

The children put 110% into Ancient Egypt Day – from the workshops and the acting to the superb make up and costumes.

It’s safe to say a wonderful day was had by all!