Year 2 step back in time to relive the Great Fire of London.

8th March 2018

On Tuesday 6 March, our Year 2 children ventured out on a trip to Blakesley Hall in Yardley as part of their work on the Great Fire of London.

Blakesley Hall is a Tudor House and one of the oldest buildings in Birmingham. Tudor England was the setting for the Great Fire Of London, so visiting a Tudor House from that era has enabled the children to gain a better understanding of what life in Tudor/Stuart London was like, particularly in 1666.

On the day, the children were split up into two groups. The first group had a tour of the house and got to wear hats a bonnets like people of the time. They explored clothing and materials used to build properties in that time.

A gentleman narrated the events of the fateful night of the Great Fire of London and our children imagined themselves to be in the home of Thomas Farriner, the baker who’s bakery was the source of the disaster.

They discovered how the fire started and how Thomas and his family escaped by jumping through the window into their neighbours’ homes, as homes were all built very close together back then in crowded London.

They were told how eye witness Samuel Pepys was awoken and informed by his maid that London was burning.

As the narrator told the story of that day’s events, the children acted it out with three of our confident kids being selected to take on the roles of Samuel Pepys, the King and his servant.

The second group went into the barn and explored artefacts from the time, they did some writing using quills and ink, made brass rubbings of famous characters of the time, made Tudor homes from wooden blocks, explored the herb garden and tasted the herbs used for medicinal purposes and cooking.

The children had a fabulous day stepping back in time to relive the events of the Great Fire.