Year 2 create their own smoothies

16th May 2018

As part of their Healthy Living topic this term, Year 2 had our school caterers – Accent Catering – in to teach the children all about healthy smoothies.

The children had the opportunity to try three tasks over the course of an hour session.

The first task was a taste test where they tasted four different kinds of smoothies and had to guess what fruits and vegetables they were made from.

In the second task they had to investigate a display of exotic fruits, some of which were cut open for the children to see inside. Their job was to guess the ten exotic fruits which lay in front of them.

In the final task the children got to choose their own fruits to go into their own smoothies. They watched while our caterers chopped up their chosen ingredients and blended the smoothies in front of them. They then, excitedly, got to taste their very own creations!

It was a brilliant workshop. The children were all engaged and some of them had only tried a smoothie for the first time. Others enjoyed learning about the many different fruits including the funny dragon fruit.

“That was the best smoothie ever!” said the children, happily taking their recipes home to try with their families.