Would you like to take part in a summer Geography competition?

10th July 2018

National Geographic Kids are running an exciting competition, which we at Hallfield would like to be part of, too.

Many of you are going to exciting places both close to home and far away this summer break. We’d like to see a special photo from your travels, along with 50 words to accompany your image.

The categories are:

  • Animals
    • Pictures of the planet’s non-human inhabitants! Beloved pets, incredible insects, foraging park life, or exotic creatures – we want to see the world’s wildlife in all its shapes and sizes. You could capture animals in their natural environment, in a zoo or wildlife park, or somewhere completely unexpected.
  • Scenery
    • You could snap a stunning seascape, lovely landscape or a chaotic city. Whether you shoot lakesforests and mountains, or townsvillages and amazing architecture, make sure you think about the composition of your image!
  • People
    • Will you take a planned portrait, carefully styling your subject’s outfit and backdrop? Or capture a more candid, natural expression? You could show someone at work, at play, daydreaming, or snap an action shot. Group shots can be entered into this category too, or even crowds. Whichever you choose, try to reveal something about the character and emotion of the person or people in the picture.

These and further details are found on the National Geographic Kids website here.

You’ll need some help from adults with the technology, but please try to find and take the image yourself! Don’t forget, it could be in Birmingham or thousands of miles away – amazing geography is everywhere….

If you’d like to enter the National Geographic competition, there are some very impressive prizes, including Nikon cameras and trips to Borneo!

You’ll have you submit your entry at home by 28th August at:


If you’d like to submit your entry to Hallfield, please email it to:

geography@hallfieldschool.co.uk by Friday, 7th September.

Your photo should please be in .jpeg format and between 1MB and 5 MB, Hallfield emails up to 10 MB.

Happy photographing!

Miss Kennard