Happenings at Hallfieldfirst

9th March 2018

Next week at Hallfieldfirst:

Owls will be:
• Exploring playdough using cutters
• Building structures with the blocks and making tunnels for cars
• Painting on an easel
• Role play with the dinosaurs

Tiggers will be:
• Working with buttons on the ICT toys
• Pushing trucks and cars
• Drawing on the chalkboard with chalk
• Doing some festival art work

Eeyores will be:
• Stacking pegs on the boards
• Using wax crayon on textured paper
• Dressing and feeding the large dolls
• Pouring sand through funnels in the tray

Winnies will be:
• Doing some festival art activities
• Driving using steering wheels
• Playing with coloured water and fish
• Playing with shaving foam

Piglets will be:
• Playing with green play dough yo celebrate St Patrick’s Day
• Completing inset puzzles
• Driving cars through sand to make marks
• Imaginative play with the Happyland village

Rabbits will be:
• Doing some messy gloop play
• Doing some St Patrick’s day paintings
• Completing the shapesorters
• Matching the coloured sensory blocks.

Last week some of the little ones got out and about in the snow.

They also dressed up for World Book Day. Check out our little characters below!