Happenings at Hallfieldfirst AND an epic pool party!

11th July 2018


Next week at Hallfieldfirst:

Tiggers will be:

  • Learning new words using the ‘What’s inside the box?’ game
  • Sitting with their friends and listening to the story of the week ‘Postman bear’
  • Making lots of noise with the bells
  • And filling and emptying cups in the water

Eeyores will be:

  • Completing jigsaw puzzles
  • Making letters using moulds in the sand
  • Making marks using finger paints
  • And learning about sizes using animals

Piglets will be:

  • Fitting pieces correctly into the inset puzzles
  • Using their imaginations during role play with the tea set
  • Playing with the sand
  • And looking at their favourite books

Winnies will be:

  • Squashing and squeezing the play dough
  • Pressing buttons on the ICT toys
  • Looking at the animal books
  • And drawing at the easel

Rabbits will be:

  • Rolling all the different coloured balls
  • Pressing buttons on the ICT toys
  • Exploring with the role play cookie and ice cream sets
  • And turning pages in the books

Owls will be:

  • Building towers and structures with the mega blocks
  • Making marks at the easel
  • Pressing buttons on the keyboards and telephones
  • And catching the magnetic fish

This week we said goodbye to a lot of our children and to mark the occasion we threw an epic pool party where the children also got stuck into some messy play! Check out the fun below!