Hallfield take France

16th May 2018

Last week 30 of our Year 6 pupils crossed the English Channel for a four-day trip to a town called Rue in northern France.

Whilst there they took part in many everyday activities in which they had to utilise the French that they had learned over the years at Hallfield School.

They kicked off the trip with a visit to the local dairy farm where they had a go at milking cows, making butter and then tasting it.

They then went on to a snail farm where they learnt about snails through a French presentation. The gutsy children even sampled some snail products like jam and biscuits. Yum!

The following day saw them do a spot of shopping at the market at Le Touquet where they used their French speaking skills to buy all kinds of things, from strawberries to watches.

On their final day they went to a sweet factory to learn about how boiled sweets are made.

The rounded their days off by kayaking–, building rafts and singing around the campfire back at base – Château Du Broutel.